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Orlando flooding not in the tourist area

It seems like these days the news tends to dramatize everything. If a tornado hits one town in Oklahoma they make it sound like the whole state got blown away. That seems to be what is happening right now in Florida.

If you’ve seen the news, you know that parts of Florida is having a little flooding problem. The east coast and parts of central Florida have been having days of thunderstorms and lots of rain. Talking to some family out of state they seem to have the impression that every house in Florida is under water and all roads closed!

That of course is not true. The only places that are suffering some flooding is areas on the east coast, in places that are in flood plains. Places they never should have built any houses anyway. Even then it’s only small areas of those towns. But of course it does not take much to equal a lot of damage in dollars.

Here in central Florida where Orlando is everything is pretty much normal. We always get afternoon thunderstorms in summer, but only for an hour or two. These just happen to be bigger ones that last longer. I just wanted people to know that despite all the hype on the news, everything is normal in Orlando and the tourist areas.

Sea World’s new roller coaster Manta open!

Well it’s time to get everyone up to date on the latest news around Orlando, Fl! So what better way then to announce the grand opening of Sea World’s new roller coaster, Manta! It will have it’s official opening the 22nd, Friday. But people already can ride it, and word of mouth is it’s a fantastic ride!

Billed as the only one of it’s kind in Florida, Manta has a sneak twist to it. You get in like any other roller coaster that hangs under the rail. But then once your all strapped in place it moves you all forward and down, until your stretched out almost like in a superman position. You can imagine how much faster it seems to be going when your face down looking at the ground zoom by.

Manta Puts you through loops and turns, followed by what looks like near misses of waterfalls and other objects. It has a nice aquatic theme in keeping with the parks animals and fish. It’s a very fun ride and the neat position you get put into is one you have to experience. A word of warning however.

Make sure you take EVERYTHING out of your pockets, off your head and around your neck! Nothing you try to keep on you will stay on unless it’s tied on you. Hats, sunglasses, flip flops, phones in your pocket, change, everything will fall off you. Use the lockers near the ride to store all your stuff. Then get ready for the ride of your life!

Latest updates in Orlando Inside

Wow, talk about not keeping up with my site huh! It’s been a while since I made any post on here, sorry about that. I blame it on the economy. You see, this is a new site, one that I am growing. But when it’s new, it does not make much, if anything. So with the downturn in the economy I had to devote all my time into the sites I have that do make money.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! The tourist industry is still light in Orlando, and expect it to be all year. The summer will be busier like it always is. But still lighter than normal. I don’t see the Orlando tourist crowds to be back up to normal until next summer, if that. So if you want that Orlando vacation when the crowds are light, any time this year is good.

Prices are still way down too. Normally you see higher prices for everything once summer is underway. But I don’t think they will go up much this year. If they can’t fill the hotels and rent the cars now, how can they increase the prices! Even I’m taking advantage of low air fair prices, I’m up in Vermont visiting my mom right now!

Working on my laptop on vacation, can’t get any better than this! I’ll try to start posting more on here and getting this place big with lots of information and the latest news. So again, sorry about not keeping this place updated. But I’ll try to get back into it and keep it current. Now come on down and enjoy a light crowd, low price Orlando vacation! 😉