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Happy New Year from Orlando Inside!

happy new years from Orlando Inside!

Walt Disney World

Happy New Year everyone! It’s almost 2010 as I write this. I’m sure most people will be glad to see 2009 go and look forward to a better year. For many 2010 HAS to be better than the one that just passed! Jobs are down, homes were lost, savings wiped out. But there’s always a new year to look forward to, a new start.

My year was actually not that bad. I work full time at home on about a dozen websites, including this one. So I have been lucky to avoid the lay offs and troubles. I live alone and rent, so I did not have to worry about losing my house. I’ve been building up my websites and hope to have a great year in 2010.

I’m not sure if things are getting better or worst right now with the world economy. I guess we will all know soon. I’m being careful with my money and not buying much of anything. I pay cash for everything and don’t even own a credit card.

I’m not going to do much for New Years, probably stay home and watch something on the net. Here in Florida you can buy fireworks so there will be lots of noise at midnight no matter where you are here! If you go out please drive safe and be careful. Happy New Year’s everyone, from me at Orlando Inside! :)

Blue Man Group at Universal Studios show

Blue man group at Universal Studios show

If you want to take in a very different and funny show on your Orlando vacation, you can’t go wrong with The Blue Man Group show, located at Universal Studios. It’s a separate show from the theme park, and is fun for the whole family. Part musical, part mime, part theater it’s all fun!

Blue Man Group’s show is often described as “hysterically funny”, “wildly inventive” and “visually stunning”. Their unique form of entertainment combines multimedia theatrics, music and comedy, which creates a unique party atmosphere suitable for people of all ages. This creative organization produces concerts featuring music, theatrical shows and multimedia.

All the productions are centered on a trio of anonymous mute performers wearing black clothing and blue grease paint over latex bald caps. Blue Man Group performances features a variety of themes including science and technology, information overload and information pollution, rooftops, the outsider, innocence and naïve imitation of cultural norms. This show is the best choice for anyone who appreciates great actors, social satire, and fantastic music.
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Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World New Years eve events

Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World New Year parties

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas, at least those that celebrate it. The next big holiday of course is New Years eve. Just about all attractions in Orlando will have some type of New Years event or party going on. Many want to know what will be happening at the big theme parks for New Years Eve. So here’s a brief run down of what’s going on.

Universal Studios
Since Universal Studios has a big nightclub complex right at the parks it’s only natural that they will be having more events than the others. Most of the clubs at Citywalk, Universal Studios night time party zone, will be having live music inside them. Two big time bands; The Temptations and The Four Tops will be performing several times on New Years eve.

Between performances you can dine on all-you-can-eat gourmet cuisine and great desserts! Then, cap off the night with a midnight countdown, champagne toast, confetti burst and more! Yes you have to buy a special ticket, get your Universal Studios New Years eve party tickets here.

Walt Disney World
Disney’s New Years eve events are not really that much. The holiday is not one that fits the family friendly parks. About the only thing different will be better firework displays in each of the parks that have them. However they will have the best fireworks of any place in Orlando, and well worth it to go and see.

Sea World
Surprisingly Sea World will be having a special New Years eve event going on. From 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM you can hear continuous Jazz music from live entertainers in the park. At the Bayside stadium Michael Andrew and the Atomic Big Band will be performing live. Then at midnight you can see fantastic fireworks light up the sky.

So there you have it, the New Years eve events at the big three theme parks here in Orlando. Of course many nightclubs and smaller attractions will have their own little fireworks, party poppers and holiday events. You can buy fireworks in Florida, so don’t be surprised to see and hear folks setting off their own fireworks display!

Orlando vacation shopping at upscale Mall At Millenia shopping center

Orlando shopping at Mall At Millenia

Mall at Millenia

An Orlando vacation would not be complete without a visit to some of the biggest and best shopping malls here. If your looking for an Orlando area mall that is a bit on the upscale side, try The Mall At Millenia.

The Mall at Millenia is an essential shopping destination suitable for those who are visiting Orlando for business or pleasure. It is nationally-renowned for its beautiful contemporary architecture. It also offers a large selection of dining and even some nightlife.

Here you will find a large variety of department stores and designer shops such as Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Banana Republic, Cartier, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Dior and much more. Let’s not forget about The Sony Store, the Apple store, Hollister & Co., Zara, Sharper Image and Abercrombie & Fitch.
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Walt Disney World Old Key West Resort

Walt Disney World's Old Key West resort

Walt Disney World has many resorts you can stay at. One of the most beautiful ones is Disney’s Old Key West resort. This 761 room place is beautiful, big and has lots to offer for adults and kids of all ages. Rooms range in size from studios to 3 full bedrooms!

Disney’s Old Key West Resort recreates the beach town feel of the Florida Keys. The resort is decorated with a Victorian theme, being also the oldest of the vacation clubs at Disney. The rooms are designed in a Key West theme. Those who come to stay here may enjoy a variety of recreational activities. The studios are comfortable and have all the essentials.

The staff is very nice and positive, which makes you feel comfortable. There are Walt Disney World buses that can take you to and from the Disney parks anytime you need it. Olivia’s Cafe and Good’s Food to Go are the most popular places to eat. Both offer a wide variety of delicious food.
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More pictures and review of Universal’s Rip Ride Rocket roller coaster

Universal Studios rip ride rocket roller coaster

Well it took long enough, but I finally got to ride the new roller coaster at Universal Studios, rip ride rocket! Or rather rip ride rockit, as it’s really called. There was not too much of a wait the day I went, only around 20 minutes. Since I was by myself I took the “single riders only” line. One thing that quickly became apparent to me is that the single rider line for this ride moves very slow!

That’s because the roller coaster only seats two people across, a bit unusual. Since most people come as couples or with kids, it’s harder to find a single seat left each time. You basically have to wait for a group of three people to leave a single seat open. So, single riders will have to wait longer than at other rides to get a seat.

However it’s still faster than the normal line if your single. Getting in was pretty easy, and everything fit snug. Once your in you get to choose a song from a short play list with buttons in front of you. As soon as you take off you start the slow climb up the tall 90% first hill! It’s scary to see nothing but blue sky as you go straight up!

Once at the top there is no pause, and the sharp bend around and down makes you think your going to fall right out of your seat! Then the fun begins, as you go through a series of loops, barrel loops and over-under twist. Several times during the ride it slows down, only to get back up to speed with more drops.

You go through a building at one point, and the ride stretches from the far back of the park to the front. Time wise it’s longer than most coasters here in Florida. The music was loud but not too much so, and since you can pick your own it was good. Overall rip ride rocket was a blast and one I’ll go on again and again.

It’s not as fast as The Hulk roller coaster, but it last longer. The big fun is the 90% grade starting hill and the drop at the top. If you have a fear of heights that will really make you sweat! The height requirement is 51 inches, so no little kids can ride this. I highly recommend going on rip ride rockit for some thrilling fun!

Below is a slide show I put together. Click the first thumbnail to start it, click the picture in the show to exit it. For roller coaster junkies, rip ride rockit is a winner!

Written by Bill Manning

Macy’s Christmas holiday parade at Universal Studios picture gallery

Macy's Christmas parade at Universal Studios

Each year at Christmastime Universal Studios Orlando puts on a nightly parade. They use some of the same parade floats that are in the Macy’s parade, so they call it the Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios. They have lots of characters in Christmas outfits and funny ones, including many on high stilts.

I liked the girls in skin tight candy cane outfits myself! I took a lot of pictures of the Macy’s holiday parade and made a slide show here for you. It starts at 5:00 PM and they come out from the back by the starbucks place. Then they make a circle up to the front and back down and out again. It has some great music to go with it.

So if your going to Universal from now until Jan. 1st make sure you take in the parade, it’s well worth it. I took these pictures across the street from the Terminator show. Click the first thumbnail to start the slide show, then click the picture in the slide show to exit it when your done. I hope you enjoy these pictures from the Macy’s holiday parade at Universal Studios Orlando!

Take In A Fun Mystery Dinner Show In Orlando At Sleuths

Orlando mystery dinner show

Do you feel a kinship with Sherlock Holmes? Enjoy good comedy? Reserve your spot at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows in Orlando for a mysterious evening of fine dining and crime solving fun!

Suspicious characters and detectives alike roam three climate-controlled theaters, scattering clues to assist you in solving one of thirteen original comedy mysteries. Be especially watchful as you may even be snatched up to be a guest star in the show!

The price of the 2 ½ hour mystery show includes dinner, dessert and drinks (unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks), with group rates available for guests numbering 15 or more. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows also offers schedules student field trips, with shows designed for two different age groups to satisfy the crime solving curiosity of younger detectives.

And what pint-sized super sleuth wouldn’t love a birthday party filled with mystery? The pizza party comes complete with costumes and fingerprinting, with special birthday memories guaranteed to last a lifetime. Have a banquet or party you’d like to spice up a bit?

Sleuths has eight Traveling Mystery Shows that can be brought to your location to throw in a bit of mysterious fun to any special event. Don’t forget to bring home a souvenir of the evening’s detective work at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows.

Puzzles, books and other novelties can be found in the gift shop on site. Tickets may be purchased online, and gift certificates and discounted annual passes may be ordered by phone or fax. Be sure to grab your magnifying glass to search for discount coupons online also.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

8267 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
407-363-1985 or 800-393-1985

Sleuths mystery dinner show in Orlando

Click here for Sleuths Dinner show tickets!

Written by guest author Marie Anne St. Jean, who writes on a variety of topics on the internet. Visit the author’s bio page and see more of her work here.

New pictures of Wizarding world of Harry Potter park at Universal Studios

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

A few days ago I was at Universal Studios here in Orlando. So I took a few more pictures of the construction going on at the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter park. A theme park within a theme park at 20 acres in size, it sure looks to me like they have a long way to go. Yet they are still saying it will be open in the spring 2010.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

I sure hope so, as many are planning their vacations around the opening of Harry Potter park. I do think it will be amazing, and look very true to the buildings in the Harry Potter movies. As you can see the castle is looking pretty cool, as is the other buildings. You can’t seem them in these pictures but I saw some of those buildings with fake snow on the roof.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

You can see the long chimneys too, just like how they were on the town buildings in the Harry Potter movies. So I think your really going to feel like your walking right through town. The last picture shows a good closeup of Hogwarts castle. That’s where the star attraction ride is suppose to be, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

So, it all looks great so far. I think they will do a good job on making it all look very real and true to the town and buildings in the Harry Potter movies. The question is, can they get it all going by spring! If worst comes to worst I think they will make sure the main part and rides are working, and finish up any other parts of the place if they fall behind on time.

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios

Christmas Holiday Pictures From Universal Studios

Christmas pictures from Universal Studios

Many people have seen Christmas Holiday pictures from Disney. But few have seen many Christmas holiday pictures from Universal Studios. Since I was there the other day riding the rides before the big Christmas crowds got here, I took a bunch of them. Universal decorates different than Disney. It’s more ritzy and hip, with not that many lights since they close at 6:00 PM.

So it’s not as pretty as Disney, but it’s still nice to see the holiday decorations. These pictures are from both Universal Orlando park and Islands Of Adventure. Some parts of the parks are not done up like Christmas at all, because they want to keep the theme going that is there. For instance, the Jurassic park part of Islands Of Adventure has no decorations.

Right now the park has very few people in there. I was able to get right on all the rides in 5 minutes or less. However starting around the 18th the Christmas crowds will start, and it will be busy until the new year. Then after that it will be slow again until Easter. So if you want to avoid lines go before the 18th, or wait till after new year.

Below is my Universal Studios Christmas slide show. Click on the first thumbnail to start the show. Click the arrow on the lower right screen once it starts to go to the next one. Click the picture in the show at any time to exit the slide show. I hope you enjoy these holiday pictures from Universal Studios!

Christmas holiday leather jacket sales

Ladies western fringe orange flame leather motorcycle jacket
Price: $188.00
Holiday sale till 12/25/09!
Only $149.00!

I don’t talk about it much on here, but I actually own a leather jacket website besides this one. So I thought I’d toot my own horn a bit here and let you know that if your looking for high quality leather motorcycle jackets as a gift, check out my site, Leather Supreme. I’ve got really good leather jackets made from cowhide, pigskin and buffalo hide.

Right now I’ve got my most popular ladies leather fringe jacket on sale above. Clicking the picture will take you right to that one. I’ve also got a blog on my leather site that talks a lot about the care and cleaning of leather jackets and apparel. So you can learn a lot about how leather is made, the different types of leather, thicknesses of leather and much more.

I plan to put lots more in there, whenever I get some free time! A leather jacket makes a great gift for someone. A top quality leather jacket will show how much you care about them, so don’t buy those cheap ones! And please don’t buy any patchwork or bonded leather jackets, those are junk. Check out my leather site and learn things you never knew about leather! 😉

Medieval Times Dinner Show in Orlando

Medieval Times dinner show

One of the great things about an Orlando vacation is all the cool dinner shows you can choose from. One of the most popular dinner shows is Medieval Times in Kissimmee, close to all the theme parks. The place is build like a dark ages castle complete with drawbridge and huge entrance door. In case you don’t know what a dinner show is, it’s simple.

You and your family go in and sit at your assigned seat. Then as your served your meal you get to watch a live action show. In the case of Medieval Times it’s a dark ages jousting tournament between six knights. The shows has lots of horses with knights doing fantastic feats of horsemanship. There is sword fights, hand to hand combat, falconry and even a love story mixed in with a beautiful princess.
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