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Harry Potter wands inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Universal Studios

Harry potter wands

Harry Potter wands at Ollivander’s magic wand shop inside Universal Studios

One of the most popular items to buy inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios is a Harry Potter wand inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop. In fact there has been up to a two hour wait to get into the shop!

But there has been some confusion about what types of magic wands you can buy there. Ollivander’s magic wand shop is based on the same magic shop in the Harry Potter movies.

In the movie the wand “picked” Harry Potter. At the Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Harry Potter theme park the shop keeper ask every 20th or so kid to step up to the table. He then puts on a show and has a wand pick the kid.
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Universal Studios theme park youtube videos page

Click here for my Universal Studios youtube videos page!

I’ve been taking a lot of videos of Universal Studios lately. I put them up on my youtube channel for all to see. But since I have so many I figured why not make a page of them right on here?

So that’s just what I have done. I made a page where you can see all my Universal Studios youtube videos in a large size. Just click on any video and it will play right here in the page.

I hope to make a lot of videos for Disney and Sea World also. But for now I’m doing a lot of Universal stuff. Hope you like them and feel free to comment on any of them or ask questions. :)

Click here for my Universal Studios youtube videos page!

Mat Hoffman’s Aggro-Circus at Universal Studios

Mat Hoffman’s Aggro-Circus at Universal Studios

Okay so I’m late about telling you all this, but better late than than never right! Just wanted to let you all know that at Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios every day from June 27 to August 14th is a show called Mat Hoffman’s Aggro-Circus.

So what the heck is that? Well it’s kind of an extreme sports show, where you see some of the best athletes performing cool motocross, in line and skating acts. There is great music and strobe light shows as these top athletes put on a show for you.
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Waist bags or fanny hip packs to carry stuff in for theme park rides

hip packs to carry your stuff in on theme park rides

One of the biggest problems people face when they go to a theme park is where to put their stuff when they go on a ride? Almost all rides at theme parks today do not allow you to hold or bring anything with you.

That includes purses, bottles and camera bags around your neck or shoulder. Anything that moves around will not be allowed on. It does not matter if you insist that you can hold onto it, ride operators have rules they have to follow. And one is, nobody brings anything on a ride!

Backpacks also are not permitted on most rides because you can’t get into the seat without taking it off. If you do have bulky items like these there are lockers you can get to put your items in while your on rides.
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Hogswart’s Castle Picture Slideshow From Harry Potter Theme Park

Hogswart's castle at Harry Potter land

I’ve been going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a lot, so I thought it was about time to show you some Harry Potter pictures! This is a slide show of Hogswart’s castle from different angles outside, as well as pictures inside.

All the pictures you see from the inside of the castle is what you see when your in the queue line. There are many props from the Harry Potter movies, as well as fantastic replicas of professor Dumbeldore’s office and more.

If you go in the single rider line you don’t get to see all this great stuff. So if you go on the forbidden journey ride by yourself you might want to go at least once on the normal queue line to see all this.
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My Review of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride review

Hogswart’s Castle, home of the forbidden journey ride

Wow have I been busy at the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter park inside Universal Studios! Today I want to give you my Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride review. Yes I got to go on it and it’s a must see for Harry Potter fans.

So let’s start from the beginning. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride is located inside the Hogswart’s castle replica, along with most of the queue line. Just outside the big entrance way made in the side of the rock wall is test seats.

You can actually be too BIG to go on the ride, so if your a large person it’s a good idea to test those out first. The seats you sit in are a bit snug, and a one piece rigid shoulder harness comes down and locks in place over you.
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Disney’s Bay Lake Tower resort hotel

Disney World's Bay Lake Tower resort hotel
Disney’s beautiful Bay lake tower resort hotel

Bay Lake Tower is located near Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World. The tower’s unique landscaping, crescent shape and planned recreation options promise to deliver the most spectacular views of the Walt Disney World Resort. The building balances a modern and luxurious experience with warm and innovative features.

The hotel has 1008 rooms with a modern and sleek design. All rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning, microwave oven, refrigerator, wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access, Pack-n-Play Playards, satellite TV with Disney programming, DVD player in living room, voicemail, data port and other deluxe amenities. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available.

Bay Lake Tower does have a nice pool with a slide and hot tub, a high-tech game room that features both classic arcade games and the latest in video game entertainment, a volleyball court, shuffleboard and 2 bocce ball courts and four stores for your shopping pleasure. Olympiad Fitness Center is located on the third floor of the Contemporary Tower. Here you can enjoy skin care and body treatments, spa services, massage therapy and the latest in fitness equipment.
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What does butterbeer taste like at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park?

Butterbeer cart at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of the most often asked questions about the new Harry Potter theme park is, what does butterbeer taste like? How is butterbeer made, and what is the recipe for butterbeer?

As every Harry Potter fan knows, butterbeer is the drink that Harry Potter and friends often drank when they went to Hogsmeade village. They never really said if it’s alcoholic or not, but since it’s called butterBEER, I always assumed it was.

When Universal Studios started planning the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter park, they knew they wanted to have butterbeer for their guest. After all what Potter fan could pass up a drink right from the Harry Potter movies!
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Hogsmeade village youtube video from the wizarding world of Harry Potter

Well the summer is really going to be busy over at the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios. Here’s another youtube video I took. This one shows all the things and snow covered houses in Hogsmeade village.

As you can see it’s very packed with fans! You can see the big butterbeer cart in the middle of the street. Plus all the other famous shops from the Harry Potter movies.

I think I’m going to make a slide show video of Hogsmeade village too. Sometimes a clear picture is better than a moving video camera. Anyway enjoy this youtube video of Hogsmeade village at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle youtube video

Here’s a new youtube video I took at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios. It’s a very detailed video of hogwarts castle from different angles. I used a 70X zoom lens to really get all the details and show what many can’t see.

As you can see it’s much more than just the main hall part of hogwarts school of magic. You can see other towers and sections of the castle plus the walkway bridge.

Universal Studios really put a lot of effort into getting all the details right and you can see them all in this video. The whole hogwarts castle is just a shell that houses the Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride.
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