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Tango in Orlando

tango dancingIf you’re a tanguero, a vacation without tango is unthinkable!   So if you’re vacationing in Orlando, you need to know where to find the action.

I can tell you that the place to tango in Orlando is Patio de la Morocha. They hold a milonga every Saturday at 8.30 (which usually winds up around 2 a.m.).   Note that the second Saturday of every month is dedicated to Street Latin rather than tango. [Read more…]

Harry Potter toys at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter toys and collectibles

Harry Potter chocolate frogs

Everyone knows by now that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios has been a great success. One of the most popular items there are the Harry Potter toys and Harry Potter collectibles.

There are around a dozen or so shops inside Hogsmeade village where Harry Potter land is. At last count Universal Studios had over 600 Harry Potter toys and collectibles licensed and ready to sell there.
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Labor Day weekend events and times at Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World

Labor day weekend events at Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios

With Labor Day weekend coming up, many want to know what’s going on at the theme parks here in Orlando. Specifically what Labor Day weekend events and activities are going on at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World? What times will the theme parks be open?

Well, actually the theme parks don’t really do much different things for Labor Day weekend. For the most part they just might have a little more in the parades, a little better fireworks show, maybe some cookout type of food served on open grills.

You might even see a few Labor Day themed food carts or merchandise displays. But for the most part Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World will be like they have been all summer during Labor Day weekend.
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Orlando Ballet Summer Intensive

Have you ever been to a summer intensive ballet camp? If you’re over eleven (and have started pointe work, for girls), you’re eligible to audition for the Orlando Ballet Intensive which takes place in June/July each year. [Read more…]

Belly Dance Orlando

If you’re a belly dancer and are considering an Orlando vacation, have you thought about doing some belly dancing while you’re there?

Yes, I know you’re on vacation, but bellydancing isn’t work, is it?  Remember that exposure to other teachers and other styles is important if you want to develop and improve your dancing – and there are some terrific belly dance teachers in and around Orlando.

My personal favorite is Suspira of Orlando Bellydance in Winter Park.    She has 20 years’ experience in Middle Eastern dance, and has danced for the President of Turkey and the Prince of Morocco!  If you’d like to get a taste of her teaching before you go, I can heartily recommend her Bellydance with Suspira DVD series.

Labor Day Weekend Events and Activities In Orlando Florida 2010

Labor day events in Orlando, Florida

September 4th to the 6th is Labor Day weekend 2010, only two weeks away. There will be lots of small activities and events going on around Orlando, Florida this Labor day as always.

Normally you don’t find any real big special events going on Labor Day weekend, just more people out doing the fun summer things they always do to have fun before school starts and fall sets in.

In fact Labor Day weekend is sort of seen as the last weekend many get out and do fun summer things. It’s seen in lots of the country as the end of summer and lots of seasonal places close down after Labor Day weekend.
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Beware of high gas station prices close to Orlando International airport

Gas stations in Orlando

I thought I’d give all the tourist a heads up today on a subject that has been in the local news here. When people rent a car at the Orlando airport, it’s only natural that they stop at a gas station close by before taking it back.

However if you do that, don’t pick a gas station very close to the airport, at least not on route 436, otherwise known as Semoran Blvd. which is just north of the airport.

The reason is that some gas stations close by the airport will charge much more per gallon than other gas stations. They know that it will be mostly tourist in a hurry to get back to the rental car place.
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Rip Ride Hollywood Rockit song music list, top song played

Rip ride rockit hollywood music song list

Well it’s been a good summer for the new Rip Ride Hollywood Rockit roller coaster over at Universal Studios. I’ve been on it several times and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve had several people ask me what the music song play list is on it.

I think the rip ride rockit music play list is a nice mix for young and old alike. I’ve also been told there is a hidden soundtrack you can find by holding the top key down for 10 seconds. Then you type in a code, but I don’t know what it is.

Anyway the main music soundtrack for rip ride rockit roller coaster is pretty good, and you don’t have much time to pick one. So I’d just stick to the songs you can find in the main soundtrack.
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Star Wars Celebration V convention in Orlando this weekend

star wars

As usual I’m late in getting this out, but hopefully some will find it useful. This weekend, from August 12-15, at the Orange county convention center on International drive in Orlando is Star Wars Celebration V!

It’s going to be a very big convention for Star Wars lovers, with lots going on and things to see. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will be there, and George Lucas will be interviewed by Jon Stewart onstage Saturday morning. Errr, that’s today, sorry!

I always like the sexy babes that show up at these shows wearing Star Wars themed outfits. That means lots of Princess Leia outfits, including that steel bondage getup she was in with Jabba the Hut!
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Commemorative 3-D Harry Potter ticket

3-D harry potter ticket3-D harry potter ticket

For those Harry Potter fans that just can’t get enough of the grand opening of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Universal Studios is now offering a commemorative 3-D Harry Potter ticket.

From now until Sept. 30th, 2010 when you buy a Universal annual pass, multi-day ticket or a park-to-park ticket you will get a voucher for the ticket that you can redeem at Universal Studios.
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Walt Disney World raises ticket prices again

Walt Disney World tickets!
Park Hopper, Multi-day tickets and more at discount prices!

Well it happens every year, so I guess it’s not a surprise to anyone. Walt Disney World has just announced that they are again raising their ticket prices. The new prices went into effect August 5th.

Disney now has the price of a one-day, one-park adult ticket to $82.00. They also raised the prices of their popular multiday-ticket packages and park hopper ticket deals.

Even the price of an annual pass will cost more. Normally it’s no surprise for Disney to raise their ticket prices each year. However with the economy so bad and people all over hurting it does seem a bit odd to be raising prices this year.
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My new Orlando pet store website, Orlando Pet Services!

Orlando pet shops and services

Click here to see Orlando Pet Services website

Well everyone, today I wanted to share my latest website I made! Since this site is about Orlando theme parks and attractions, I thought I would open up a site about Orlando area pet services, pet stores, pet shops and more.

Now, even though it’s about Orlando pet services, it also will have plenty of general pet care, reviews and information about pets that anyone can find helpful even if they are not coming to Orlando.

But for those that are or live in Orlando, Orlando Pet Services will really be a helpful site for you. I will make reviews about the local dog parks, where to find specialty pet food and treats, pet friendly hotels and bars in Orlando and so on.
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