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Walt Disney World hotel, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn resort

Walt Disney World hotel

One of the newest and best Walt Disney World hotel spots is the Disney’s BoardWalk Inn resort. It includes guest rooms and villas; the guest rooms are what I am talking about today in this Walt Disney World hotel review.

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn resort is a Disney Deluxe Resort designed to provide everything you ever wanted from a hotel. The sherbet-colored facades, striped awnings, turrets and whimsical elephant fountains make this Walt Disney World hotel unique.

Disney’s BoardWalk inn resort is a destination all to itself and features 372 guest rooms, 20,000 square feet of meeting space, several restaurants and many recreational activities. It’s part of Disney’s Boardwalk area, a full entertainment and shopping location itself.
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HoneyDukes candy shop, Harry Potter candy at Harry Potter theme park

It’s time for some more Harry Potter theme park news! This time I went to HoneyDukes, the Harry Potter candy shop. It’s not all that big, but they really cram it full of those Harry Potter sweets!

As you can see above I made a picture video of the inside of HoneyDukes candy shop at the Harry Potter theme park. I also have a regular picture gallery you can see below for bigger pictures.

HoneyDukes Harry Potter candy shop is located to your left in Hogsmeade village, close to the main entrance, not the back entrance that goes over a bridge.
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Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2010, Epcot wine food festival

Epcot food wine festival

Once again it’s time for the Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2010! This year the Epcot wine food festival is going to be great, as it always is. This fall season event runs from October 1, 2010 — November 14, 2010 at Epcot theme park.

Each year they transform Epcot into a tasty buffet, where you can sample the best foods from around the world. There is a lot going on and many different things to see, do, drink and eat!

As you walk through the world showcase you will see more than 25 international marketplace kiosks that will be offering each lands specialty foods, along with wine and beer.
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Harry Potter wands store now added!

Harry Potter wands now ready!

I hope your not getting tired of all the Harry Potter post I’ve been making! I wanted to let you know I now have added a new Harry Potter magic wands store in my site here. :)

I’ve got a nice mix of them too. Some are top quality Harry Potter wand replicas in collectible cases. They are made to be collected and displayed, not to be played with by kids.

You can find a replica wand for every major Harry Potter character, like Hermione Granger’s Wand, Professor Lupin’s Wand, Bellatrix’s Wand and more. Collect the whole set!
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Orlando area Octoberfest events and activities 2010

Octoberfest activites in Orlando

Well once again it’s almost time for Octoberfest in Orlando 2010! Since the Orlando area is a big place there is no single event or place that defines Octoberfest. Many different towns in the Orlando area will have their own version of Octoberfest.

Also the many bars and nightclubs in the Orlando area will have Octoberfest nights and specials throughout the month of October. But there are a few Octoberfest events that happen every year and stand out more than others.

So below is a little list of the most popular Orlando Octoberfest events for 2010 that will be going on. I’ve put a link to most of them, but some you’ll just have to call or search for!
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Harry Potter action figures toys and collectibles store now open!

Harry Potter Action Figure
Harry Potter action figures

Well everyone, I’ve been able to make my first Harry Potter toy page already! This one has all the best Harry Potter action figures, plus quality collectible bust or statues of all the Harry Potter characters.

You can see the Harry Potter action figures page here, or look for the link in the top left menu in the sidebar. I will be keeping it up to date with all the latest Harry Potter action figures for the Holidays ahead.
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New Harry Potter toys and Disney games store coming soon!

Click for Harry Potter monster book

Hi everyone, I have some good news for you all. My little Orlando tourist site here is getting more popular all the time. So I’ve decided to add a lot more to it, including a Disney and Harry Potter toys store!

I’m going to be adding a lot in here, including theme park maps, a page just for Orlando upcoming events, even a theme park forum so we can all help each other with questions about Orlando vacations.
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Harry Potter merchandise shops at Harry Potter theme park

Harry Potter merchandise shops

Many Harry Potter fans have been asking me just what kinds of Harry Potter merchandise shops are in the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.

With now over 1,000 licensed new Harry Potter merchandise items to choose from, all exclusive to the Harry Potter theme park, there is a lot to find. You can only buy them here, nowhere else. All the other items you see in toy stores and so on are replicas, not officially licensed items.

There are basically five different shops inside the Harry Potter land where you can purchase Harry Potter merchandise. All but one are located in the Hogsmeade village. The other one is located inside the Hogswart’s castle. Here’s the list:
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Cranes Roost Lake Park at Uptown Altamonte Springs near Orlando

Cranes Roost Lake park in Altamonte Springs

One of the most beautiful parks that combines shopping, recreation, lakeside activities, quality hotels and upscale living is Cranes Roost Lake Park at Uptown Altamonte Springs, just north of Orlando.

Uptown Altamonte is a spectacular destination featuring award-winning residential, educational, healthcare, commercial and recreational facilities. If you live in Central Florida, this place is a must see.

Here you will find the best places to go shopping, take lunch or dinner, and be entertained. The streets are pedestrian-friendly, so you can simply walk and enjoy the landscape or visit the specialty shops and eateries.
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SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween event 2010

SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween activities

SeaWorld of Orlando has it’s own Halloween event each year, like the other theme parks in the area. Called SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular, It’s a casual Halloween event that runs during the day at normal park hours.

SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular 2010 has several special things going on during the days it runs. Kids can come dressed up in costumes or not, it’s up to you. It is held on Oct. 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31 beginning at noon each day.

Because it is held during normal park hours, SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular 2010 events are included with your normal park ticket. So no need to buy a special ticket for it, unlike the other theme parks.
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Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2010 attractions, events and prices

Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights 2010

Once again it’s time for Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights 2010! This marks the 20th year of this Halloween event, and they are celebrating by making all new haunted houses! Everything will be fresh and gory to the max.

Universal Studios has people that work all year long on the Halloween Horror nights sets and costumes, and this year should really be a big hit. I’ve put together everything you need to know about this years event, so read on!

Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights 2010 is an after hours special ticket event. That means you need to buy a separate ticket to get in, you can’t use your normal theme park ticket.
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Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party 2010

Mickey's Not so scary Halloween party 2010

If you live in Florida, it’s impossible not to have heard about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that is held each year at Walt Disney World. This is the hottest Halloween-themed event that takes place every year at the Magic Kingdom theme park.

The evenings include trick-or-treat opportunities around the Magic Kingdom, fireworks, special parades, and fantastic shows designed for people of all ages. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2010 requires guests to buy a separate ticket, because it is not included with regular admission in the park.

This year Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party runs on selected nights from September 14th to November 1st. Times are 7:00 PM to midnight, plenty of time for lots of Halloween fun Disney style!
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