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SeaWorld Orlando’s new Antarctica Realm land opening next year

New SeaWorld realm land opening next year

The latest and biggest news over at SeaWorld Orlando is that they are in the process of making a new “land” over there. SeaWorld’s Antarctica ‘realm’ land will be themed as a visit to Antarctica, complete with penguins!

The making of a themed “land” inside SeaWorld Orlando is a bit different for them. Right now they do have different “sections” of the park for different types of animals and marine life.

But the new Antarctica Realm land seems to be the first where a whole part of the park will immerse the guest totally into a new land, like the Harry Potter land at Universal.
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5th annual doggie derby races this weekend at Baldwin Park, Orlando

5th annual doggie derby at Baldwin Park, Orlando

I’m going to start writing about more local events in the Orlando area, as I’m sure the locals would like to hear about other things than the theme parks all the time!

So today I wanted to let you all know about the 5th annual doggie derby that will take place this weekend at Baldwin Park, Orlando. It’s a really fun event that raises funds for a great cause.

This years doggie derby will be Saturday, April 28th 2012 from 9 AM to 2 PM. That’s this weekend. This year the money they raise will be going to the Stock the Pantry program.

The way the doggie derby works is that two dogs race each other side by side down a short 25 yard grassy track. They are divided into 4 different weight divisions.

They keep on racing until there is one winner for each division. Winners get a trophy in each class and the overall winner gets the grand prize. It’s fun for both the humans and dogs and often has funny results.

Besides the doggie derby there will be lots of food, drinks, live music, a kids activities area and lots of local pet vendors plus homeless pets ready for a loving home.

So come on out this weekend to the 5th annual doggie derby at Baldwin Park, Orlando and have a good time. I’ll be there taking pictures and videos. Check out my youtube video below I made of last years event! :)

5th annual doggie derby
Saturday, April 28th 2012 from 9 AM to 2 PM
Corrine Commons, 1913 Meeting Place at Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL 32814

Orlando airport flight prices up sharply this summer

Orlando airline prices up this summer

With summer just a few months away it looks like airline flights coming into and out of the Orlando, Florida area will be up sharply this summer. Higher fuel prices are making the cost of flying go up this year.

For instance some of the more popular Orlando flights are up $50.00 to $70.00 above what they were last year. That’s not too much if it’s a single person. But since Orlando is home to Disney most flying in are families.

So when you take a family of four into consideration that higher price for each one can really hurt. It’s too early to say just how high Orlando airline prices will go, if they go higher.
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Walt Disney New Storybook Circus in Fantasyland youtube video

As I mentioned here in another post a week or two ago, one part of the new Fantasyland project at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park is now open. A part of that is called Storybook Circus.

I’m sure your all wondering just what it looks like, so here’s a cool Disney youtube video of it. It’s actually quite a long video that gives you lots of details of what is inside.

Part of the Storybook Circus area is the re-done Dumbo ride, which you can see in this video. They added lots of details to the ride making it look even better.

Another part of Storybook Circus has Goofy’s “Great Goofini” Barnstormer roller coaster. It’s a mild roller coaster made for small kids but adults can also ride it.

The Magic Kingdom train also has a station here that is really done up in a cool way with lots to see. Some of the video also shows a bit of the other parts of the new Fantasyland under construction that will open later.

So check out the video of Disney’s new Storybook Circus area to see what you can go on and do now, plus some peeks at what is to come! :)

Spring, best time for a Florida vacation!

Spring is one of the best times for a Florida vacation!

Spring is here in Orlando, Florida, and it’s one of the best times of the year to take that dream vacation! As I’ve always said, fall and spring are the two best times to take an Orlando, Florida vacation.

In two months it will be summer. Summer is the busiest time of the year here in the Disney area. That means more crowds, higher prices for everything and very hot weather with afternoon thunderstorms!

In the fall and spring months the weather is cooler, yet still warm. It’s not as humid as summer, and it hardly rains at all. The crowds are light, which means the price of everything is low as places try to get customers.
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New rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster at Fl. EcoSafaris!

New rattlesnake zip line roller coaster!

For those outdoorsy types who love zip-lines, there is now a new and very cool type of zip-line ride over at Florida EcoSafaris. It’s the Rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster!

Yes you heard right, a zip-line that is a roller coaster. In fact it’s the first one in the USA. So just what is a zip-line roller coaster? Well it’s basically a zip-line that has a ridged rail system at the top.

Because it has a rail system for the top they can bend and loop it around trees. The system is held in place by normal suspension wires. So you get a zip-line ride plus curves and twist with a few drops.
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Winter Park, Florida 58th annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park!

Winter Park 58th annual Easter egg hunt

Easter will be here this weekend, so I wanted to at least let you all know of one big Easter egg hunt around the Orlando area. One of the best ones is the Winter Park 58th annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park!

This fun Easter egg hunt will be Saturday, April 07, 2012 @ 9:30 AM. It will take place at Central Park in downtown Winter Park, right next to Park Ave.

There is always a lot of fun activities for both kids and adults at this event. Kids can start lining up for the egg hunt at 9:30 AM and it will start at 10:00 AM.
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