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Hurricane season in Orlando, Florida 2012

Hurricane season

Today is the start of hurricane season for Orlando, Florida. So I thought I’d give some information and tips about them, plus dispel a lot of mis-information you often get.

Often when people outside Florida hear that a hurricane has hit a part of Florida, they imagine the whole state feeling the effects of it. This is very false. For all the years I’ve lived in Orlando I STILL have not been in one!

Orlando Florida is basically in the center of the state, around 70 miles from the eastern seaboard and around 120 miles from the western seaboard, or rather the Gulf of Mexico.
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Some memorable Tips for Your Orlando Disney Vacation

Disney holiday vacations

A trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, can be an unforgettable experience for any family. This is the original Disney World and while most will argue that it is also the best, there are many ways in which you can make your trip all the more memorable.

Plan your rides
For many families, the best part of their whole Disney World experience is the great choice of theme parks and rides on offer, but queuing to get onto to them is an unavoidable part of this trip. Their immense popularity means that you may have to wait some time, but naturally, your patience will undoubtedly be rewarded.

In order to avoid any kind of disappointment, find a schedule of rides before you travel and decide between yourselves which are the ones that you have to experience at all costs. You should be able to take in all that you want, but planning ahead is a necessary task.
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Hollywood Studios Star Wars weekends 2012 going on now!

Star Wars weekends at Disney

I’m a bit late on this, but better late than never right! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the annual Star Wars weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going on now.

Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Hollywood Studios theme park at Disney you can catch lots of characters, shows and events from the Star Wars movies.

On each of the days at 12:40 PM will be the Legends of the Force parade up Hollywood Boulevard that will have all your favorite Star Wars characters and some that may surprise you.
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Wet N Wild’s new family water park, Blast-Away Beach!

New water park in Orlando, Blastaway beach!

Just in time for summer, Wet N Wild water park on International Drive in Orlando is opening up a whole new family friendly section in June 2012! Called Blastaway Beach it will be an acre in size!

Wet N Wild is Orlando’s most popular water park located very close to Universal Studios, which actually owns the park. It’s right on the busy tourist strip of International Drive.

It features fantastic water rides, slides, tubes and other water thrill rides. It had a section for little kids, but that area was shut down a while ago.
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Orlando, Florida home of cheap holiday prices

Find cheap Florida holidays in Orlando!

Very soon it will be summer and thoughts go to taking that summer vacation with the kids once school is out. These days with the high gas prices and economy in the dumps everyone wants to save money. Surprisingly some of the most popular holiday destinations can also be some of the most affordable. That happens to include vacations in the Orlando, Florida area.

The reason is very simple. Since Orlando is a popular family vacation location with Disney, theme parks and the nearby beach, Many different companies compete with each other for your tourist dollars. That makes Cheap Family Holidays a dream come true in Orlando. When many companies compete with each other, it drives down the cost of everything.

In Orlando that includes hotels, rental cars, restaurants, shopping malls, taxi, airfares and all the many attractions. They all want your business so they all try to give the best deals for your money. That adds up to big savings for you, even during the popular busy summer holiday season. Sure you can spend a lot, but you don’t have to.
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Check out my leather jacket online store

Great leather jackets
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I wanted to talk about something very different today. It really does not fit this site, as it has nothing to do with Orlando, Florida or anything about vacations. But since I’m the boss I get to do it anyways! 😀

I just wanted to point out that I actually run around 3 dozen different websites, and one of them happens to be an online leather jackets and apparel store. It’s called Leather Supreme and if you like leather apparel you’ll find some great items in there.

I only carry high quality leather, not those damn cheap “patchwork” or “stone design” crappy leathers you see in EBay. Those are junk, made from scraps of left-over leather and pressed together like plywood!
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SeaWorld Orlando Turtle Trek exhibit now open!

Turtle trek at SeaWorld now open!

SeaWorld Orlando has several new things opening this year, and one of them has already opened just a few days ago. It’s called Turtle Trek, and it’s a cool exhibit that shows off and gives information about the endangered sea turtles.

This big exhibit has several different sections to it, both inside and outside. On the outside you can walk along a trail and look down upon a big tank that has manatees SeaWorld is rehabilitating that have been injured or baby manatees.

Inside the exhibit you can view sea turtles in a giant aquarium that even goes over you. So you can see them gliding above you or through the glass that is taller than a person.
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Disney’s Art of Animation resort video and pictures

One of the newest Disney resorts being made will be opening in late May, and they recently had a press review for it. Disney’s Art of Animation resort is a very stunning looking Disney hotel, as you can see in these videos and pictures.

It has more than 1,000 suites plus 800 normal hotel rooms. There seems to be a different theme for each wing of the resort. The pool is very big and seems to be done in a “Finding Nemo” theme, which is fitting.

Other themes for the different wings will be the Cars wing, the Lion king wing, and the Little Mermaid wing. I’m not sure if just the Finding Nemo wing will be open in May or all of the resort.
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