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Summer tips for your Florida vacation

Summer heat tips for Florida vacation

Even though it’s almost the end of July, August is just as hot here in Florida. It’s been a very hot summer here in Orlando, with not enough rain. Most visitors are not use to how direct and humid the weather is here.

Most people are surprised to see how easy they get a sunburn down here. That Florida sun can really make you red in only 20 minutes. Imagine spending an afternoon at the beach or water park.

The next day you’ll be one big red mark! So make sure you really slather on that high index sunscreen all over your body. That includes your face and even scalp if your thin up there.
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Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafe restaurant at Universal Studios review

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at Universal Studios

I don’t normally eat out too much, and when I do it’s almost never a place in or around a theme park. But one place I do enjoy going to a lot is the Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant at Universal Studios.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafe is a Caribbean restaurant where guests can relax and have a good meal in a fabulous tropical setting. Many people who went here claim that this is the best place to eat at Universal Orlando Citiwalk!

The venue features several themed areas, as well as a tiki bar, a seaplane, and a play area for kids. Guest can spend time with their friends and attend special events in the The Porch of Indecision – the outdoor dining area.
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Universal Studios Men in black alien attack ride review

Universal Studios men in black ride review

With the latest Men In Black movie out a short while ago, I thought I’d do a ride review on the one at Universal Orlando. Men in Black: Alien Attack is one of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Florida.

While this laser-shooting dark ride may feel dated to some guests, it still has millions of fans worldwide. This thrilling ride is based on the movie with the same name and features 120 different alien species and six-seat vehicles equipped with laser guns and a gaming system that records your score.

This high-tech ride is ideal for those who are not afraid to spin in circles while shooting aliens and monsters. Men in Black: Alien Attack provides some interactive fun for people of all ages.
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SeaWorld Discovery Cove new addition, Freshwater Oasis

SeaWorld Discovery Cove new addition Freshwater Oasis

Enjoy an all-inclusive tropical holiday where you can relax on white sandy beaches, swim with the dolphins, and explore the sea world. Freshwater Oasis, the newest attraction from SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove, features swimming and wading adventures for the whole family!

The latest addition to SeaWorld’s adventure park offers guests the chance to come face-to-face with marmosets (tiny monkeys), lobsters, sting rays, and otters. You can also swim in tropical reefs and hand-feed exotic birds in a relaxed shallow water setting.

This brand new attraction is designed with a rainforest canopy above and features unique waterways, nooks and crannies, water-filled trails, lush tropical forests, and a water lounge area with benches. Freshwater Oasis is the first place in the world where you can see curious marmosets running around the trees.
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Disney’s Characters in Flight balloon ride down

Disney's hot air balloon ride down

One of the more eye catching attractions at Downtown Disney marketplace is the Characters in Flight balloon ride. Located in the west side area, this unique ride has an enclosed “basket” attached to a helium filled balloon.

The balloon is red and yellow with Disney characters of Peter Pan and friends flying across it. It is tethered by cables so it only goes up so high and out over the water it sits next to.

Well your not going to see it for a while! That’s because Disney suddenly stopped the attraction after the same type of balloon and operated by French company Aerophile sprung a leak and crashed in Hong Kong.
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Universal Studios new Cabana Bay Beach Resort hotel

Cabana Bay Beach hotel resort

Well it looks like Universal Studios will be adding another new hotel resort on their property soon. The Cabana Bay Beach Resort hotel is what it will be called, with 1,800 rooms including 900 family suites.

This will be the fourth hotel Universal Studios has on their Orlando property, all part of the Loews hotels and resorts line. Once built it will become the largest hotel at Universal.

Universal Studios has seen big growth since the opening of their new Harry Potter land. They are currently busy with several new rides and attractions that will make the parks even bigger.
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Victoria and Albert’s Restaurant at Disney Grand Floridian Resort

Victoria and Albert's Restaurant at Disney

Victoria & Albert’s Restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort delivers the ultimate in fine dining at Walt Disney World. The venue offers a unique dinner menu each night.

Indulge your senses with the finest American cuisine and taste delicious dishes with caviar, truffles, oysters, and poulet rouge. The dining room is luxurious, with two waiters assigned to each table. Disney’s most elegant restaurant captivates with extraordinary food and knowledgeable staff.

This opulent venue has three main rooms – the Dining Room, the Chef’s Table, and Queen Victoria’s Room. The Dining Room features elegant tables dressed in Frette linens, spectacular floral arrangements at the center, and waitstaff in traditional Victorian attire.
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Rock the universe Christian music festival 2012 at Universal

Rock the Universe music concert at Universal Studios 2012

Rock the Universe, Florida’s biggest Christian music festival, will inspire music fans as Universal Studios showcases the best rock performers. This special event takes places annually.

The musical fusion of rock and pop is captured in its finest form at this festival. Guests will enjoy an amazing weekend jam-packed with performances by popular artists, nightly candlelighting ceremonies, and inspiring guest speakers.

One of the festival’s highlights is the Coca-Cola Karaoke where you can sing your favorite Christian rock songs. This year’s sensational lineup features award wining artists like Jeremy Camp, Family Force 5, Robert Pierre, Skillet, and the four-time Grammy-nominated band Newsboys.
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