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Daytona beach bike week 2013 picture gallery

Bike week 2013 picture gallery

Hi everyone! I went to this years Daytona beach 2013 bike week like I do every year. The day I went happened to be a cold and windy day out. So there were not too many biker babes walking around in bikinis. :(

In fact the beaches were empty, as you can see in some of my pictures. I went down to the beach, walked up main street where everything was going on, then drove over to the Daytona speedway.

Outside the track they always set up lots of cool new and custom bikes for sale. Some are amazing and one of a kind. So I took a lot of videos and pictures of it all, including when I was down on main street.
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My mom on the local news!

FOX44 – Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather

Well everyone, I have something totally different to share with you all today! My mom lives in Vermont, where I was born and raised. She lives in an elderly type apt. home. Her apartment in way at the end, right by a corner where two roads meet.

Well a few days ago some kid was driving fast through town around 2 AM in the morning. A cop started to chase him and he drove down toward where my mom lives.

He lost control of the car, went right between two trees and hit the back side of her apartment right where her bedroom is! It punctured a small hole in the wall and knocked everything around inside.

My mom happened to be sleeping out in the living room so she was not hurt, just shook up. Anyways the local news crew came over that day and did a little story about it with my mom. So please check out the video above and see my mom! :)

Star Wars Weekends 2013

Star wars weekends for 2013

Tens of thousands of people are waiting for the Star Wars Weekends. This summer event celebrates the spectacular “Star Wars” universe created by George Lucas.

Each weekend starting from May 17th you will be able to meet your favorite Star Wars characters and enjoy fabulous shows at Disney Hollywood Studios! The event runs for four consecutive weekends, so you have plenty of time to make plans and attend this annual celebration.

For Star Wars fans, this fun filled event is like a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. From Friday to Sunday each weekend, you can have fun and blast into the Star Wars universe. Coming face to face with an armed robot is not uncommon! Ashley Eckstein and James Arnold Taylor will return as celebrity hosts, a role they have performed for the last two years.
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Disney’s Magic Kingdom Celebrate the Magic show video

Once again it’s time for me to show you all some things I took from the holidays over at Disney! This Youtube video is one I took of the new Disney “Celebrate the Magic” night time show at the Magic Kingdom.

I took this during the Christmas holidays. What they do is transform Cinderella’s castle into a giant screen they project many different Disney characters, movies and other fun things.

It’s really amazing to see this in person, a video does not do it much justice. Seeing the whole castle jump and dance, transform into different colors and shapes is really something.

It is also done with music, which you can hear in the video. Plus they add a few fireworks and stuff. Actually they have their main fireworks show right after this show. It’s something you want to be sure to see if you go.

They only do this on select nights, or peak season. So check to see if it is being played and plan a night to go when it is. You’ll be really glad you saw this amazing show!

Disney’s new Splitsville bowling lanes at downtown Disney

Disney's Splitsville bowling at Downtown Disney

Disney’s new Splitsville, the retro-themed bowling center, has opened its doors to the public. This upscale bowling, dining, and entertainment venue features 30 bowling lanes, live music, amble seating, pool tables, and several bars where guests can enjoy their favorite foods and drinks.

This brand new entertainment center is a welcome addition to Downtown Disney’s WestSide. Discover 50,000 square feet of retro interior with fabulous food, dancing, outdoor patio dining, two sushi bars, and over 60 flat screen TVs.

This retro-style bowling center is designed to give families a sense of their own private space. Splitsville combines bowling with billiards, music, dining, and nightlife. The onsite restaurant features a menu created by one of Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2008.
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