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New theme park attractions and rides for summer 2013

seaworld rides

Well everyone, it’s now the start of the summer season here in Orlando. That means lots of people packing the theme parks to wait several hours in line for a two minute ride. 😀

But at least this year you have new rides and attractions to see and enjoy in the hot Florida sun. All 3 major theme parks; Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, have added or are adding new attractions for the summer.

Disney has most of the new Fantasyland open at the Magic Kingdom. In this area you can enjoy a new little mermaid ride geared toward little kids. There is a new Beauty and the Beast castle which looks pretty cool and sits on top of the new “Be Our Guest” restaurant.
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Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial day weekend

Happy Memorial day weekend everyone! For many this is the start of summer. It’s already getting pretty hot here in Florida, I think we are in for a very hot summer this year.

This also is the start of our famous afternoon thunderstorms, so be careful while driving in the afternoon as chances are you’ll get surprised by a quick downpour. When that happens remember to turn your lights on, slow down and watch for other drivers who may stop still if the rain gets too hard.

I will be going with some friends to Playalinda beach this weekend, over by Cape Canaveral. Nope, not the clothing optional part of the beach, which is way down at the end of the beachline. Maybe someday. 😀

If your driving somewhere this weekend please be careful and give yourself plenty of time as the roads will be packed. Don’t drink and drive and watch out for others on the road, including motorcycles.

The theme parks will be full too, maybe even reach capacity with some of them, like the Magic Kingdom. So be prepared for lots of people if you hit the parks.

So I wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend and hope you all have a good time and be safe. Just relax, don’t plan too much into each day, and be sure to protect yourself from the sun! :)

Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion news

Harry Potter

So by now most all Harry Potter fans knows about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Universal Studios. But not many know much details about it, since they are not saying much. Here’s what I can tell you as of now.

The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion will be in the “other” park, in the space that the “Jaws” ride was. It will be connected to the current Harry Potter land in Islands of Adventure via a Hogwarts Express train ride.

How detailed the train will be, if it even is a train, is not known. From what I have heard it will be a ride itself, where “things will happen”. It will transport guest from one park to the other for sure.
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My own brand of retro brown leather cafe motorcycle jackets!

retro brown cafe motorcycle jackets
Click here for this great men’s retro brown cafe motorcycle jacket!

I don’t often say much about the other things I do in here, or other websites I have. But today I wanted to let you all know that I have started my own brand of leather jackets I sell in my own online leather store.

For years I have run a small leather jacket store online called Leather Supreme. I sell several different brands of leather jackets, all top quality and reasonable prices. But I always hated how almost all of them were the same basic black colors.

Plus others sell the same brands, so I was selling the same jackets many others do. I wanted to sell different colors, styles and unique jackets you can’t find all over the place.
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Disney Fantasyland new Be Our Guest Restaurant


Located in the Beast’s Castle inside the new Disney fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Guests have the opportunity to step into a time machine and visit the famous ballroom setting from the animated film “Beauty and the Beast.”

This fabulous venue has three dining rooms that can accommodate 550 guests. Its name is inspired by the classic song from that film. Both the dinner table service and counter service menus offer French cuisine.

This uniquely designed restaurant opened on December 7, 2012. To get here, you must cross a stone bridge lined with gargoyles. Once you get inside, you will be greeted by enchanted suits of armor.
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