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Hi, and welcome to my site, Orlando Inside. My name is William, but everyone calls me Bill. I am from Vermont, but moved down here to Orlando, Fl. at the age of 27. My very first job here was at Walt Disney World, where I worked the night shift as a maintenance person for 2 years. That job allowed me access to every ride, attraction, back areas, offices and other places even most cast members were not allowed.

I also worked 2 more years at Disney as an outside contractor. After that I worked at Universal Studios for a year, also as a maintenance person. Once I got done there I worked for 3 years at the Orlando International airport, both during the day and dead at night. Finally I worked for 5 years as an independent courier, driving all over the Orlando area and theme parks.

So I think most will agree that I know a LOT about Orlando! I love the theme parks and have annual passes for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. One year some friends of mine came down to visit. I acted like the local guide, making sure they had a good time, giving them all the tips I know on what to do, where to stay and so on.

It occurred to me that anyone making an Orlando vacation would love to know all those little inside tips that can save a lot of money, time, heartbreak and frustration. So, I made this site, Orlando Inside! It pays for itself with ads you see in the sidebars. So, you get my vast experience of information about Orlando, and I get paid for writing about what I love, perfect!

So browse around and find what your looking for about your Orlando vacation. I’ve tried to talk about everything you might want to know. Following my tips will save you a lot of money, wasted time and make your Orlando Vacation a dream come true, instead of the vacation from hell! Feel free to ask me anything you want by using my email below. Enjoy your Orlando Vacation!