Best Amusement Parks over the World

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Amusement parks offer a wide variety of amenities including roller coasters, fun and food, where you and your family can spend the day out and have fun. Most of these parks provide attractions that cater to the imaginations of certain age groups, whereas some can accommodate people of all ages. Below is a look at some of the best parks.

1. Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Walt Disney is behind the original conception of this theme park. It is the biggest of the theme parks that Walt Disney conceived and its over 500 acres have over 1,700 animals that roam around it. It has seven areas and its visitors can see a live production of lion king. It also offers a real life safari.

2. Legoland in Carlsbad, California
This theme park is for all the kids in America who are between 2 and 12 years old. It is famous for its sculptures that are made from Legos ranging from cars to rides. This theme park, which has a beautiful landscape of bonsai trees and other plants, has Lego themed shops and restaurants, attractions and shows as well as over 50 interactive rides.

3. Magic Kingdom Theme Park
This theme park, whose basic concept is an imitation of the original Disney world, was built in 1971. It looks like a wheel that has spokes. The Cinderella Castle is its main feature and children as well as elders find it entertaining because of the cartoon characters that roam in it. Its parades and fireworks are also responsible for its fame.

4. Hollywood Studio Theme Park
Hollywood is the theme of this theme park. The golden Hollywood era of the early 1900s is its focus. The experiences and lives of the stars in the movies become a reality for its visitors because it makes it possible. It has many live shows that its visitors can tour its studio by using its several exciting rides and train journeys.

5. Six Flags
Families can spend their days here having fun because it is one of the best theme parks in America. Tourists, families and thrill lovers who need some mid-summer fun consider it their favorite venue because it has various entertainment spots and attractions.

6. Epcot Theme Park
This theme park was built in 1982 and it covers more than 300 acres. A futuristic society is its main theme and international culture is its second theme. The world fairs that took place in the USA in the early twentieth century form part of the idea of Epcot. This theme park, which has two sections namely, the World showcase and the future world, has an hourglass design.

7. Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania
This amusement park, which has been offering free admission for last 87 years that is has been operating, is safe enough for older children to run wild without worrying about endangering their lives. It keeps families happy because it has 57 rides. This traditional theme park, which was opened in 1926, also has a haunted house dark ride that the Discovery Channel featured, a 1913 carousel and two roller coasters that are made of wood.

8. Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana
This theme park has exciting rides, grounds that are impressively clean and friendly staff that attract many fans. It also features a water park area that its visitors can soak in and a giant wooden roller coaster that they can ride.