Best place for Walt Disney World discount tickets

best place for walt disney world discount tickets

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Of all the things that has to do with going on an Orlando vacation, the most confusing is getting your Disney theme park tickets! So many places sell Disney tickets, and all of them claim to be lowest in price. You can buy them in dozens of little booths in the tourist areas, as well as inside many hotels. BUT, most of these have strings attached.

The most common catch is that you have to go on a tour of a local time share resort and listen to their sales pitch. Trust me, it’s boring, you waste valuable time, and the sales people are very aggressive. If you don’t sign that paper they want you to sign, they make you feel like crap.

So avoid all that hassle. The best way to get the cheapest Walt Disney World tickets with no strings attached is buying them online. You always pay the lowest price when you buy online. But even then, you have dozens of different choices. All of these places that sell Disney tickets buy them wholesale at a discount.

Then they resell them to the public. Since they have to stay competitive with each other, all the prices are about the same. They can charge whatever they want. But they will not sell many if they are the highest. So, pretty much all of them are within a few dollars in price.

However it’s not just price you want to look for. You also want to know that once you pay for your tickets they will be sent to you fast, and that they did not try to stick on anything extra! After looking around at all the places to buy Disney tickets, I have decided to promote DW

Here’s why. DW Tickets is authorized to sell Disney World tickets under affiliation with the Walt Disney World® Resort. So they are an official authorized Walt Disney World resort ticket seller. That means you don’t have to worry about buying fake or bogus tickets, or other shady practices.

They are a member of the Florida Better Business Bureau in good standing with them. They even have a welcome center in the theme park areas where you can pick up your tickets if you want. DW Tickets sells every type of Disney ticket deals; 1 to 10 day tickets, park hopper, Disney water park tickets and many more options.

Not only do they sell Disney tickets but they also sell tickets for every theme park, attraction, dinner shows and other events in the Orlando area. Sea World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Gatorland, all the dinner shows and many other attractions!

So if you want to buy Walt Disney World tickets, or tickets to any of the other theme parks and attractions, take my advice and go here to DW You’ll get the best price for your tickets, all in one place and sent out fast without any sneaky upsells. 😉