Beware of high gas station prices close to Orlando International airport

Gas stations in Orlando

I thought I’d give all the tourist a heads up today on a subject that has been in the local news here. When people rent a car at the Orlando airport, it’s only natural that they stop at a gas station close by before taking it back.

However if you do that, don’t pick a gas station very close to the airport, at least not on route 436, otherwise known as Semoran Blvd. which is just north of the airport.

The reason is that some gas stations close by the airport will charge much more per gallon than other gas stations. They know that it will be mostly tourist in a hurry to get back to the rental car place.

So they hope that they will not notice, or be in too much of a hurry to care about the high gas prices. So how can you spot a gas station by the Orlando International airport that charges much more than others?

Well there’s a really easy way. As you know, most all gas stations have a big sign out front that shows the gas prices. In Florida there is currently no law that says gas stations need to have their gas prices listed on big signs.

Since the ones charging high gas prices don’t want to advertise that, they don’t have a sign out front showing their gas prices. In fact they seem to be the only ones not having a sign with gas prices.

So if you see a gas station close by the Orlando airport and can’t see the gas prices on a sign out front, don’t stop there as chances are they charge much more than others just a mile or so away.

Instead gas up while your still a few miles away from the airport. That way chances are your paying the normal price the locals pay, not the high prices for tourist. You can just let the rental car company charge you for the gas to fill it up, but they also charge you much more than the normal gas prices.