Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller Coaster ride review

Walt Disney World Big Thunder Mountain railroad roller coaster

One of the most oldest and fun rides at Disney in the magic kingdom is the big thunder mountain railroad roller coaster! The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a relatively mild coaster that takes you through an abandoned gold mine in the old west.

Ride it again & again to take in all the wacky Disney touches. It is more exhilarating than anything else as you whiz inside and out of the mountain with spectacular views over Frontierland.

A ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad provides a fast and fun ride to those aboard— from big kids to adults. Along the way, there’s typical Disney styled animatronics of crows, goats and loose boulders. The animatronic goat that holds a stick of dynamite adds a note of humor to the entire scene.

The landscape features a small scaled down ghost town and many Wild West props to explore. The buildings are reminiscent of the old west as are the artifacts, mines, and structures.

Raccoons and other wilderness animals can be found along the ride. There are rocks starting to fall out of the walls as well as rocks falling in front of you. Although the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad doesn’t do any loops or anything fancy, it still is fairly intense and fast.

The best part is when you go into the dark tunnel at the end, especially at the back. Another great thing about this ride is that it’s not too scary for kids. However, keep in mind that the height limit is 40 inches.

Make sure you experience this unique ride as soon as possible. It is the perfect choice especially for those who are a bit afraid of the high hills, because there are none of these!

The ride takes you deep into the caves under the river and out and around the mountain itself. Forget about your everyday worries and get ready for a once in a lifetime adventure!

Walt Disney World’s Big thunder mountain railroad roller coaster at the magic kingdom is a fun ride for the whole family, make sure you don’t miss it!