Biggest hot air balloon rides in USA now in Orlando

Biggest hot air balloon rides now in Orlando, Florida

(Photo by George Skene, Orlando Sentinel)

Orlando, Florida is home to many cool and one of a kind types of rides and attractions. Well it now can boast that it’s home to the biggest hot air balloons rides in the USA too!

Orlando Balloon Rides has announced that they now are flying with brand new jumbo sized hot air balloons. These balloons are 112 feet high, 90 feet wide and holds 425,000 cubic feet of hot air.

The baskets of these giant hot air balloons are super sized also and hold up to 24 people at once. Although these are common in Europe, it’s one of the first of this size in the USA.

The baskets have partitions inside, with higher sides so you feel safer. The baskets are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel that’s wrapped in wicker for a light but strong basket.

Hot air balloon rides are popular in Orlando, as the flat terrain and calm air make it an ideal place to fly them and land them safely. Floating over Disney is very cool, but you go wherever the wind takes you, so each ride is different.

A normal hot air balloon ride package at Orlando Balloon rides cost $175.00 per person for a 4 hour experience. That 4 hours includes a champagne breakfast, inflation time, around an hour of air time and then the landing and packing time.

So if your visiting Disney or the Orlando area and always wanted a hot air balloon ride, you now can enjoy riding in the biggest hot air balloon in the USA here. Check out the link above for more information. :)