Bike week in Daytona Beach and Orlando

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the upcoming bike week in Daytona. Now just like my post on the Daytona 500, Orlando gets a lot of overflow tourist from bike week even though it’s in Daytona Beach, about 60 miles away. In fact many fly in from the Orlando airport, get a hotel in Orlando and drive out to Daytona during the day.

I myself have been to bike week several times. I use to have a courier route that went right down A1A, which is the beach front road. I got stuck in that sea of bikers all week long with my cargo van, what a pain! However it was cool to see all the bikes,,,, and biker chicks! :) I also went there just for the event last year.

If you’ve never been there you just can’t imagine the sight of over 600,000 bikes all in one town. That’s over half a million motorcycles riding down the road. You know that sound when a dozen or so bikers ride by? Picture that sound 10 times louder and never stopping all day! If you don’t like load noises, bike week is not for you.

I am 90% deaf, which actually comes in handy during bike week, LOL! I’ve owned several different motorcycles in my life and really like them. Riding a motorcycle in Florida is hot, very hot. Those bikers that come in with leather jackets, leather chaps and all that must really be burning up inside. Florida has no helmet law, meaning you don’t need any helmet when your riding.

This years bike week starts on Feb. 27th and ends on March 8th. So just what do all those bikers do at bike week? Well, many just get drunk, hehe. Actually these days many bikers are middle aged family men that bring along their wife and kids, really. You see lots of $70,000 touring bikes there with the camcorder going taking it all in.

It’s not just your typical real bikers anymore. You also will see every make and model of bike, not just Harley’s. As always main street is where lots of the action is. Hundreds of booths open up selling leather jackets, belts, t shirts, boots and a hundred other things for bikers. It’s a big outdoor party and lawn sale.

There are custom bike shows, motorcycle sponsors and of course there are several Harley Davidson shops around. In fact there are three in Orlando, including one of the biggest. Yes there also will be many bars open that will be packed. There also are many hot body and wet t shirt contest, including oil and mud wrestling with women.

So if your a single man all that is great. If your a family, well you might want to skip those activities! The normal walking down main street and looking at all the bikes is great fun for the whole family, it’s a sight you’ll never forget, seeing so many motorcycles in one place. I’ll be going at least one day to take lots of pictures.

Even in Orlando you will see more bikers out than normal, as some come into Orlando to take in the theme parks. Many will stay in Orlando because the hotels get so full in Daytona. However this year like everywhere things are not as busy. It’s hard to say if that will effect how many bikers show up, time will tell.

So if you’ve never been to bike week in Daytona Beach this is a great year to go. It’s cheaper and will not be as crowded as normal, at least I don’t think it will be. I will make more post about it as it gets under way. For lots more information about bike week visit the official bike week website. Come on down and join the fun!