Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World

Disney blizzard beach

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Walt Disney World has several great water parks to choose from. One of their newest and best is Disney’s Blizzard Beach! Like all Disney parks, this has a cool theme to it.

It’s made to look like a freak blizzard blew through town, leaving a huge mountain of snow to slide down on. It’s covered with fake snow and uses ski lifts to get to the top of the tallest slides!

Are you ready to try the world’s tallest and fastest free-falling waterslides? If so, you must come and visit Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Don’t forget to bring your whole family, because this amazing water park features some incredible attractions.

Blizzard Beach has real thrill slides, being one of the top water parks in the country. Most of the attractions offered by Disney’s Blizzard Beach are located atop of Mount Gushmore, the fifth highest point in Florida, which also hides the park’s water pipes.

The Green Slope attractions are found at the uppermost point of Mount Gushmore. Once you arrive here, you can visit the Summit Plummet, which is the second tallest and fastest free fall slide in the world or Teamboat Springs- the world’s longest “family white-water raft ride”.

Disney blizzard beach

Disney World Photo

Don’t forget about Slush Gusher, a high-speed waterslide for big kids, teens and adults who are at least 48 inches tall. Some of the most popular Purple Slope attractions are the Downhill Double Dipper, which is a unique waterslide race on inner tubes, Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers.

The Red Slope features only one attraction, namely a tube ride consisting of 3 different twisting and turning 600-foot slides to choose from (Runoff Rapids).

If you can’t do the bigger slides, you can always visit the Ski Patrol Training Camp. Tike’s Peak is the area reserved just for the little ones, while Teamboat Springs addresses to the whole family.

All you have to do is to bring a real bathing suit and have fun. No thongs, male or female please! If you like water, you’ll love Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach also features a wide variety of restaurants and pubs. At Avalunch, you can serve Caesar salad with chicken, barbecue pork sandwich, hot dogs, refreshing drinks and snacks. Blizzard Beach Mini Donuts has the best donuts in town, while Lottawatta Lodge offers light lunch or dinner entrees.

Polar Pub, Sled Dog Expeditions, Warming Hut and Cooling Hut are the perfect choice if you’re craving for pretzels and nachos, hot meals for lunch, ice cream and chilled tropical drinks.

Blizzard Beach caters for children of all ages, which means that everyone will have a great time here. It is truly the place to sit back, cool off, and just relax. Take a day off away from the theme parks and give your heart that extra adrenalin push!

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

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