Blue Man Group at Universal Studios show

Blue man group at Universal Studios show

If you want to take in a very different and funny show on your Orlando vacation, you can’t go wrong with The Blue Man Group show, located at Universal Studios. It’s a separate show from the theme park, and is fun for the whole family. Part musical, part mime, part theater it’s all fun!

Blue Man Group’s show is often described as “hysterically funny”, “wildly inventive” and “visually stunning”. Their unique form of entertainment combines multimedia theatrics, music and comedy, which creates a unique party atmosphere suitable for people of all ages. This creative organization produces concerts featuring music, theatrical shows and multimedia.

All the productions are centered on a trio of anonymous mute performers wearing black clothing and blue grease paint over latex bald caps. Blue Man Group performances features a variety of themes including science and technology, information overload and information pollution, rooftops, the outsider, innocence and naïve imitation of cultural norms. This show is the best choice for anyone who appreciates great actors, social satire, and fantastic music.

The humor tends to focus on the silly side, so if you like that type of humor then you will probably love the show. The audience participation is staged, but you must keep your mind open- it’s still funny. The music is flat out amazing and the entire show is fantastic and funny especially because it combines the magic of the theatre, art, percussive music, science and vaudeville.

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando and want to see a show, look no further! The Blue Man Group is a must see if you never experienced them! They are impeccable talents in terms of timing, facial expression, and movement.

It’s strange, unique, imaginative, and full of personality. The music, the sketches and the interaction is truly unique. The amount of talent displayed is beyond description. Get your Blue Man Group Events tickets here!

Blue Man Group

6000 Universal Boulevard
(theme park parking garage)
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-8000

Written by guest author Andra Picincu, who writes for several ezines and websites. Go to Associated Content to see more of this author’s work.