Buffet stations at CityWalk New Years Eve party

The CityWalk new years party food stations picture

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For those of you thinking of going to Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve party, they have come out with all their plans and information. For a full list of what’s going on that night see my CityWalk New Years Eve party article with updated information.

One of the highlights of the party is the free buffet food you will get that is included with the price of the event ticket. Universal has just come out with a detailed map of the stations where they will be.

There are actually several different types of buffet stations. They have entree`, seafood, desert and champagne stations. If you click the text link below the picture above you can see a full size image that shows where they all will be.

Most seem pretty spread out over the whole CityWalk area. There are 4 entree` stations, 6 seafood stations, 3 desert stations and 4 champagne stations.

You can find filet mignon, chicken, salads, cheese, breads, crackers and other foods at the entree` stations. At the seafood ones you can chow down on jumbo shrimp and crab claws.

Over at the desert stations you can sample miniature pastries, cakes, pies and tortes, yummy! Then at midnight you can grab a class from the champagne stations and have a New Years toast.

I’m not sure how they decide how much is too much per person or how many times you can go back to each station. There is no way they can tell if you have been there already, so I assume you can go back as often as you want to each one.

Heck you could eat the price of your ticket in foods if your really hungry! So I hope this gives you a bit more information if you decide to go to the CityWalk New Years Eve party. :)