Butterbeer, magic wands sell great at Harry Potter park

Harry Potter ride inside Hogswarts Castle

With guest being let into the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios for the soft opening, one thing is clear. Everyone wants to buy Harry Potter merchandise!

For Harry Potter fans, owning something from the Harry Potter movies is one of their top things to do. That is looking like both a blessing and a curse for Universal.

The blessing is of course it’s great they everyone wants to buy Harry Potter merchandise. The crowds all want a sip of the frozen and non frozen butterbeer from the cart that sells it inside.

Another popular item is getting a magic wand from the Ollivander’s store. Buying a chocolate frog at Honeydukes, a candy shop is another popular stop.

In all Universal Studios has created over 600 items to be sold inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They are very happy with the brisk sales of merchandise.

One of the big ticket items I was surprised to find was selling fast is in Dervish and Banges, where they sell replica flying broomsticks, a Nimbus 2001 selling for $250.00 and a Firebolt for $300.00!

The curse of all this is, already they are having problems with long lines inside these shops. Most are small and narrow, making long lines. Just think what it will be like once the normal crowds are let in!

However I’m sure they will add more shops, or add-on to some of them now that they see how popular the merchandise shops will be. Universal Studios is not going to make it hard for guest to buy their merchandise!

However they do seem to have underestimated how popular the Harry Potter merchandise shops are going to be. But, that’s what a soft opening is all about; finding and fixing problems before the grand opening, which is June 18th.

So if you want to buy Harry Potter merchandise when you go into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, go to the shops as soon as you get in, or be prepared for a long wait!


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