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Harry Potter lego sets and games

All kids love Lego sets, and Harry Potter fans will love these cool Harry Potter Lego sets and games! It’s amazing how many different sets from the Harry Potter movies you can find made out of Lego’s.

Below are the most popular Harry Potter Lego sets and games you can find. Make a Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, or a Lego Hogwart’s Express train. There are dozens of Harry Potter Lego sets to choose from.

All these Harry Potter Lego sets and games come with many pieces and details, plus many come with a Lego character from the Harry Potter series. Click any set to go right to that item and find out more!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Lego Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter Lego The Burrows
Harry Potter the Burrows

I did not even know you could find a Harry Potter Lego Quiddich Match set until I saw the one below. Boys love trains, so the Lego Hogwart’s Express train set is really popular.

Harry Potter Lego Quiddich Match
Lego Quiddich Match

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express
Hogwart's Express

For those who want everything from Harry Potter in Lego’s, you can get the Hagrid’s Hut lego set, or even a Lego Chamber Of Secrets Harry Potter set, how cool is that!

LEGO Hagrid’s Hut
LEGO Hagrid's Hut

Lego Harry Potter: Chamber Of Secrets
Chamber Of Secrets

One thing I was surprised to find was the Lego Durmstrang Ship set, that is popular because its both made of Lego’s, it’s a boat and it’s a really cool addition to your Harry Potter Lego set collection.

LEGO Harry Potter – The Durmstrang Ship
Durmstrang Ship

LEGO Harry Potter: Knight Bus
Knight Bus

You can find several different sets of Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. If your starting out getting your first Harry Potter Lego sets, then a Hogwarts Castle Lego set should be your first one, as it’s the main centerpiece of Harry Potter.

The one below has a whopping 943 pieces with 9 min-figures, 2 Thestral mini-figures and detailed diagrams to help kids put together this fantastic Hogwarts Castle Lego set, fun fun!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter Lego Gringotts Bank
Lego Gringotts Bank

Lego Harry Potter Professor Lupin’s Classroom
Professor Lupin's Classroom

LEGO® Castle Medieval Market Village
Medieval Market Village

Kids love to collect all the Harry Potter Lego sets and games and link them all together. Some make a big area in the garage or their room and make a big Lego Harry Potter display. Kids have fun seeing how many different scenes from the Harry Potter movies they can make out of Lego’s.

LEGO Harry Potter Flying Lessons
Harry Potter Flying Lessons

Lego 4705 Harry Potter – Snape’s Class
Snape's Class

Harry Potter Lego House of Gryffindor Set
House of Gryffindor Set

LEGO Rescue from the Merpeople
the Merpeople

Most of these Harry Potter Lego sets and games are for kids ages 6 to 14. That is the normal age most Lego sets are designed for. Kids younger than 6 could swallow the smaller parts that can be in these sets.

LEGO Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Forbidden Corridor
The Forbidden Corridor

LEGO Harry and the Hungarian Horntail
Hungarian Horntail

The Sirius Black’s Escape Lego set is pretty cool, and so is the Dobby’s Release Lego set. It’s amazing how many scenes from Harry Potter you can find made into Lego sets!

LEGO Harry Potter: Sirius Black’s Escape
Sirius Black's Escape

LEGO Harry Potter: Dobby’s Release
Dobby's Release

The Harry Potter Lego Graveyard Duel set is really cool. It has 548 pieces to it, complete with figures and structures. The Harry Potter Shrieking Shack Lego set below has 444 pieces.

Lego Stories & Themes Harry Potter Shrieking Shack
Shrieking Shack

LEGO Graveyard Duel
LEGO Graveyard Duel

The Harry Potter sorting hat Lego set is one of the smallest ones but has some key features you want to include in your Harry Potter Lego collection. Set includes Hedwig, sorting hat, 2 torches, 2goblets, Harry and a scroll, with 49 pieces total.

LEGO Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Lego Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Diagon Alley Shops
Diagon Alley Shops

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus
Harry Potter Knight Bus

Lego Troll on the Loose
Troll on the Loose

No Harry Potter Lego set is complete without a Dumbledore’s Office Lego set. The one below has 446 pieces and is for ages 10 and up. It’s got a lot of details and two different levels.

Harry Potter Lego Dumbledore’s Office Set
Dumbledore's Office Set

LEGO Harry Potter: Harry and the Marauder’s Map
Harry and the Marauder's Map

If you love trains and are a Harry Potter fan, then check out the motorized Hogwarts Express Lego train set below! They don’t make it anymore, so it’s going to be a great collectors item. Get it while you can!

LEGO Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Set Hogwarts Castle
the Prisoner of Azkaban

Lego Harry Potter 10132 Motorized Hogwarts Express
Motorized Hogwarts Express

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – Ps3
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Ps3

LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut Set
LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut Set

As you can see there are many Harry Potter Lego sets to choose from. In fact there are many more than what you see here, so if you don’t see a set your looking for just click any set.

Once you do you’ll be taken to that set inside Amazon, where you can see many more. Yes these are all sold at Amazon, the most trusted online store around.

For super fast shipping, great return policy and friendly checkout, nobody beats Amazon. I’ll add new Harry Potter Lego sets as they come out, so check back for new sets!