Cabin in the woods will be at Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights

Cabin in the woods

Most people don’t know it, but Universal Studios has a full team of people that work all 12 months of the year on the next Halloween Horror Nights event. They come up with the themes of the new haunted houses, sets, costumes and so on.

One thing I found out recently is that one of the haunted houses is going to be modeled after “The cabin in the woods” movie. “Cabin” director and co-writer Drew Goddard is working with Universal on the house’s production.

If you saw the movie you know there are lots of creepy creatures in it. The haunted cabin at Universal Studios will have all of them in it, including the “merman” and the crazy unicorn.

So if you liked the movie you’ll get a kick out of seeing all the creepies in person in this cabin. Normally they have around 12-14 haunted houses at Halloween Horror nights.

Personally I think the event has degenerated into a mass money rip-off where they cram as many people as fast as they can into each house. Total time in each one is two to five minutes. Yet the wait is a good hour or two for each one.

But if you do like it and have seen this movie, then I’m sure you’ll be pleased to see everything live and in person. I’ll update more about Halloween Horror nights as I hear more. :)