Carnival cruise line cruise ships at Cape Canaveral

Carnival cruise ships at Cape Canaveral

The Orlando international airport is a gateway to many who are going to Cape Canaveral on a cruise. Located around 40 miles away on the eastern side of Florida, Cape Canaveral is home to many cruise lines, including the popular Carnival cruise line.

Carnival Cruise Lines is committed to offer quality cruises and unforgettable vacations to its guests. Established in 1972, the company currently is one of the most highly appreciated cruise lines in the world. In fact, Carnival cruises are very popular among families and fun-lovers of all ages. Today, Carnival Cruise Lines features ships with amazing interior designs, quality entertainment, delicious food, and competitive prices.

If you choose Carnival Cruise Lines when planning your dream vacation, you will encounter a broad range of passengers, from families cruising together to young singles and retired couples. The company is a member of the exclusive World’s Leading Cruise Lines alliance, providing professional services designed for every taste and budget.

Whether you decide to travel to Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, Canada, or Caribbean, you can rely on Carnival Cruise Lines. The company originated the Fun Ship concept in 1972, launching an aging ocean liner. Nowadays, Carnival Cruise Lines has the mission to provide a memorable vacation at a reasonable price with lots of ports of departure to choose from.

The Cape Canaveral cruise ship port is very popular for world class Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico port cruises. The fun Carnival Dream and Sensation cruise ships depart from Cape Canaveral.

There is something for everyone at Carnival Cruise Lines, from karaoke and trivia contests to children’s programs at sea. Each vessel features themed public rooms inspired by historical events, famous characters, and art works.

Carnival’s cabins are quite large, which makes them suitable for families holding three and four passengers. The rooms are fully equipped with color televisions, nice bathrooms, complimentary toiletries, hair dryers, upgraded pillows, quality linens, deluxe plush mattresses, and soft duvets.

If you want to have a good time, you should know that there are game rooms, bingo and art auctions, recreational fitness programs, youth spa programs, luxurious body and beauty treatments, pool games, adult activities, comedians, acrobats, magicians, jugglers, singers, and dancers.

A notable thing about Carnival Cruise Lines is that it offers a “Vacation Guarantee.” This means that you can disembark at the ship’s first non-U.S. port and obtain a refund in case you are not satisfied with the cruise. More than that, passengers are considered gold members after their first cruise and reach the platinum status with the 10th cruise.

As a platinum member, you have access to the Carnival Concierge Club and receive free magazine subscriptions, free cocktails, Spa Carnival priority reservations, supper club reservations, complimentary arcade tokens, and more.

Taking a cruise out of Cape Canaveral with Carnival cruise line ships is a once in a lifetime vacation for many. If you want to have a unique experience on the sea, book your holiday vacation with Carnival Cruise Lines!