Spring, best time for a Florida vacation!

Spring is one of the best times for a Florida vacation!

Spring is here in Orlando, Florida, and it’s one of the best times of the year to take that dream vacation! As I’ve always said, fall and spring are the two best times to take an Orlando, Florida vacation.

In two months it will be summer. Summer is the busiest time of the year here in the Disney area. That means more crowds, higher prices for everything and very hot weather with afternoon thunderstorms!

In the fall and spring months the weather is cooler, yet still warm. It’s not as humid as summer, and it hardly rains at all. The crowds are light, which means the price of everything is low as places try to get customers.
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New rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster at Fl. EcoSafaris!

New rattlesnake zip line roller coaster!

For those outdoorsy types who love zip-lines, there is now a new and very cool type of zip-line ride over at Florida EcoSafaris. It’s the Rattlesnake zip-line roller coaster!

Yes you heard right, a zip-line that is a roller coaster. In fact it’s the first one in the USA. So just what is a zip-line roller coaster? Well it’s basically a zip-line that has a ridged rail system at the top.

Because it has a rail system for the top they can bend and loop it around trees. The system is held in place by normal suspension wires. So you get a zip-line ride plus curves and twist with a few drops.
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Winter Park, Florida 58th annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park!

Winter Park 58th annual Easter egg hunt

Easter will be here this weekend, so I wanted to at least let you all know of one big Easter egg hunt around the Orlando area. One of the best ones is the Winter Park 58th annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park!

This fun Easter egg hunt will be Saturday, April 07, 2012 @ 9:30 AM. It will take place at Central Park in downtown Winter Park, right next to Park Ave.

There is always a lot of fun activities for both kids and adults at this event. Kids can start lining up for the egg hunt at 9:30 AM and it will start at 10:00 AM.
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Daytona beach bike week picture gallery!

Bike week 2012 picture gallery

Well I made it up to the Daytona beach bike week for 2012, which ends this Sunday. The day I went was beautiful, sunny and not too hot or cold. Now most bikers want to go down to Main Street during bike week.

That is where all the bars, food shacks, biker shops and wet T shirt contest are going on! It’s also where all the bikers drive up and down the road, letting everyone see all the different kinds of bikes everyone has.

But it’s also damn crowded, and as someone who goes to the local theme parks a lot, I have my fill of crowds! So my favorite place to go during bike week is at the Daytona speedway, where they have the Daytona 500 races.
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Daytona Beach bike week 2012!

Daytona beach bike week 2012

Well once again it will soon be time for the Daytona Beach Bike Week for 2012! This year it runs from March 9th to the 18th 2012. That’s about a week later than normal.

There is nothing like the sight and sound of over 150,000 motorcycles all going in one place! This year there may be even more than that, it’s always hard to say.

The weather should be pretty good this year as it has been warmer than normal here in Florida. So just what types of people go to bike week? Surprising most of them are family types with kids and pets with them.
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Daytona 500 NASCAR race event 2012

How time flies! This weekend, Feb. 26th 2012 will once again be time for the Daytona 500 NASCAR races in Daytona beach! For those race car fans this is not news as they have been following it closely.

But for others that don’t follow it or are here on vacation they may be a little surprised at how packed the traffic is around Daytona beach this weekend. In fact even in Orlando it’s going to be a very busy weekend.

That’s because many race fans stay at hotels in Orlando and take in some of the theme parks while they are here. So just about everywhere in the Central Florida area it will be packed with people and traffic.
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Enjoy a fun holiday vacation to Egypt!

Fun Egypt holiday vacations

If you’ve been thinking of going to someplace exotic for your next vacation, you might want to check out Egypt! There are many great tourist spots, resorts and things to do in this wonderful land.

When most people think of Egypt they think of sand, deserts and the Pyramids of Giza. Sure it has all those, but fun Egypt holidays are much more than that. How about staying at a beach resort with fantastic snorkeling, boating and more to do.

Egypt borders the Red Sea coast, a beautiful body of water that is clear and inviting. You can find many great tourist resort places along this coast with some of the best hotels around. Sharm el Sheikh is a popular place to visit, with great nightlife and casinos next to the sea.
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Holidays to Tenerife in the Canary Islands

Vacations to Tenerife, Canary Islands

Every once in a while I like to showcase a great vacation spot outside of Florida. So today I want to tell you a bit about a fantastic holiday spot I know you’d love to visit, called Tenerife.

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. Tenerife has an amazing and varied geography, with mountains, ancient volcanoes, cliffs, desert, green slopes, forests, valleys, caves, and tunnels.

Mount Teide, the tallest point on the island, rises almost 13,000 feet above sea level. Tenerife also has more than 200 miles of coastline, ranging from the black-sand beaches in the north to the golden beaches in the south. Because of the tropical tradewinds, Tenerife has a year-round warm climate and is often referred to as the Island of Eternal Spring.

At this point, you might be thinking, “I want to go to Tenerife!” And we’ve just begun our virtual tour of the island. Tenerife has unique microclimates that support some fascinating plants and animals. In all, there are more than fifty bird species, thirteen mammal species, five reptile species, and two species of amphibians that call the island home.

In the waters surrounding Tenerife are whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and hundreds of fish species. There’s lots for visitors to do on Tenerife. The beautiful beaches and turquoise water in the south are especially inviting, and swimming, fishing, and water sports are popular, including kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving.

There are also plenty of historical towns and villages to explore, along with larger cities and shopping venues. Of course, you’ll also want to check out a volcanic mountain or two while you’re on the island. Visitors can travel by rail almost to the top of La Rambleta, which provides stunning views of the countryside.

You can get great deals on flights to Tenerife if you shop around on some of the best online travel agencies. So if your thinking of taking a vacation to someplace really exotic, try Tenerife in the Canary Islands! :)

Things to see and do on your Florida Vacation

Things to do in Florida

People from all over the globe enjoy great Florida vacations. The Sunshine State has just about anything you’d want in a warm vacation spot. Visitors to Florida can enjoy famous theme parks, world-class shopping, awesome seafood, exciting shows, and the pulse of vibrant nightlife.

Of course, Florida is also rich in history and wildlife, including many historic sites and eco tours into swamps, maritime forests, and the Everglades. The main attraction of Florida holidays however, is its beautiful water and beaches, and every beach town or city has its own unique charm. For example, on the Panhandle, you’ll find quiet family beaches like Mexico Beach, St. Joe Beach, and Cape San Blas.

Further west are Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola, with tons of things to do and see. Tampa has all the amenities of a big city, with the added bonus of nearby beaches. South of Tampa, visitors can enjoy the calm, blue-green waters of Anna Maria Island, Naples, Ft. Myers, and Marco Island, along with the fascinating history of the Greek sponge docks of Tarpon Springs.

On the Atlantic, you’ll find Amelia Island, a sleepy shrimping town that’s become a popular destination for Florida holidays. South of Amelia Island is Jacksonville, with miles of beach and lots of attractions. If you prefer stepping back in time, visit St. Augustine. Daytona has wide beaches and great surfing. Ft. Lauderdale, the original scene of the spring break tradition, shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

Miami and Miami Beach are in a class all their own. With its international culture, it’s almost like visiting a foreign city. And then there are the keys, a long chain of islands that served as the home of poets, novelists, and scallywags.

Even if the beach isn’t “your thing,” Florida is still a wonderful destination. In the interior are the rolling green hills of horse farms and citrus groves, thriving metropolitan areas, and huge lakes that provide amazing fishing and boating opportunities. :)

Cheap vacation packages to be found for the new year

Cheap holiday deals

Now that the new year is here and many people are dealing with the cold of winter, it’s a great time to find vacation deals. There is a lot of competition out there among travel agencies for vacation tourist so they all have some cool holiday packages at discounted prices.

Winter vacations are very popular with many people who have had enough of the cold and want to get away to someplace warm. You can score some great cheap holidays right now and save a lot of money on your winter vacation.

Major airlines often have many discounted flights to popular warm weather vacation spots, like Orlando Florida, the Bahamas and more. Often you get get as much as half off a round trip flight!

Winter cruises are also popular and you can find many great deals with the major cruise lines such as Disney cruises, Carnival, Norwegian cruise lines and others. Winter cruise sales can be discounts on the overall price or free upgrades, or a combination of both.

Winter Caribbean cruises are a great way to get away from the winter blahs and soak up the sun and fun. You can find some cruise deals as low as $179.00 for a 4 night cruise plus other discounts!

In many tourist areas the busy season is in the summer, like at Walt Disney World in Florida. Because of that the hotels, rental cars and other vacation oriented services have big discounts in the winter as they try to fill up their quotas.

Also the crowds are lighter so ride lines are not as long, meaning you can do more of them. Summer months in places like Florida are also a bit too hot for people not use to it, while the winter weather is just right!

So not only do you get great discounts in the winter months but also the best weather and can enjoy yourself more without the big crowds. Book your cheap vacation today and enjoy the fun and sun this winter at discounted prices! :)

Happy Holidays from Orlando Inside!

Holiday greetings from Orlando Inside!

Well today is the 25th, so I wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! :) I hope those that celebrate today have a good time with your friends and family.

I will be keeping it simple myself. All my family lives up north in Vermont. So I will just go over to a friend’s house, exchange a few gifts, then relax the rest of the day, maybe even do a little work!

Anything Disney and all the theme parks and Orlando attractions will be very, very busy today. Christmas day is a very popular day to spend at a Disney park, the Magic Kingdom being the most popular of all.
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Biggest hot air balloon rides in USA now in Orlando

Biggest hot air balloon rides now in Orlando, Florida

(Photo by George Skene, Orlando Sentinel)

Orlando, Florida is home to many cool and one of a kind types of rides and attractions. Well it now can boast that it’s home to the biggest hot air balloons rides in the USA too!

Orlando Balloon Rides has announced that they now are flying with brand new jumbo sized hot air balloons. These balloons are 112 feet high, 90 feet wide and holds 425,000 cubic feet of hot air.

The baskets of these giant hot air balloons are super sized also and hold up to 24 people at once. Although these are common in Europe, it’s one of the first of this size in the USA.
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