Check out my new Daytona Beach Bike Week 2015 T-shirts!

Bike week t shirtsladies bike week t shirts

Hi everyone, long time no talk! In fact it’s been 5 months since my last update. Sorry about that, been very busy with work. I run over 50 of my own websites, make e-Books, make sites for others and run several online retail sites.

So needless to say I’ve got my hands full! Actually the reason I wanted to post this today was to let you all know about some great new Daytona Beach Bike Week 2015 T-shirts I just listed.

See, I have a biker site where I sell biker leather jackets, vest and stuff like that. For the first time this year I have added men’s and ladies Daytona Beach bike week 2015 T-shirts and men’s denim sleeveless shirts.

The designs are beautiful and made by a local artist in Daytona. So you can’t find these designs too much online. They are high quality and very colorful. I put them on the shirts myself with a heat press. That’s why I have all those burn marks on my knuckles! 😀

I have about 2 dozen different men’s Daytona Beach bike week 2015 T-shirts in two different brand name crew neck styles. Hanes Beefy-T and Gildan brands. Black color shirts only.

Then I have almost 3 dozen different ladies Daytona Beach bike week 2015 T-shirts in 4 different brands, crew neck and V neck styles. The pink designs are very pretty and bright.

Finally I have men’s sleeveless denim bike week shirts. They are acid washed charcoal colored shirts that look great. I put a design on the back and front top left shoulder area.

The designs have eagles, howling wolves, beach themes, roses and wings plus motorcycles of course. All with the Daytona Beach bike week 2015 74th annual logo. So check them out and buy some today!

I promise not to wait so long for my next article. Just getting myself spread too thin with all the work. So help me out and buy my beautiful bike week shirts! 😀