Choosing a Walt Disney World annual pass ticket

Walt Disney World annual pass tickets

If your a Florida resident, one of the best ways to save on Disney tickets is to get an annual pass. Since my mom and sister are coming down this fall I decided to get one. We will spend at least two days at a Disney park.

For the price of two tickets I can almost get a cheaper annual pass, so it makes more sense for me to get that. Right at the moment Disney offers 5 different types of Florida resident annual passes.

Premium annual pass for,,, $595.34
Annual pass for ,,,,,,,,,, $452.63
Seasonal pass for ,,,,,,,,,$318.44
Weekday select pass for ,,,$211.94
Epcot after 4 pass for ,,,,$175.73

All but the last one is good for all 4 Disney parks, any one or all each day. Only the first two also include free parking. That is something to think about, as parking fees can add up fast.

The first one also includes access to the two Disney water parks, oak trail golf course, wide world of sports complex and DisneyQuest game building. So you get a lot but pay the most too.

The last one is only good for Epcot theme park, and only after 4:00 PM. Not sure why anyone would want to get that one, unless you really love that fireworks show they have each night.

The 3rd Disney annual pass you can go any day except for blackout days. Those days are basically the heart of summer, which is peak tourist time, and major holidays.

The 4th annual pass is just like the 3rd one, except you also cannot go during the weekends. Those days are often the busiest days of all in the theme parks.

So when you think about it, if your a Florida resident the last thing you want to do is fight your way around theme parks at the most crowded times. Those times are middle of the summer (hottest months) holidays and weekends.

Those are all the blackout days of the 4th annual pass. Since I myself would not want to go to a Disney theme park during those days anyways, it makes the most sense to me and what I will be getting.

I do wish parking was included, but it’s not. If I went a lot I could easily pay in parking fees what it would cost for one of the better annual passes. But I think a dozen or so times a year will be all I do.

Plus I know a few tricks I can do that will let me park for free basically. 😀 If I had lots of money I’d get the first Disney annual pass and get everything included. But I don’t, so I’m not!

Also now you can get a payment plan where you pay an upfront payment, then 12 monthly payments that don’t cost anymore than paying one time. So that helps if you don’t have it all at once.

So if your a Florida resident and will go to a Disney theme park at least 3 times in a year, you should get a Disney annual pass ticket and save money. The hard part is deciding which one! :)