Christmas in Orlando, Florida

So here it is, only a few days before Christmas, 2008 in Orlando Florida. To the tourist from the north used to snow Orlando at Christmas time looks very different than what they are use to, which is snow! But Orlando has many of the same things you find up north at Christmas. We have the holiday lights strung up all over the houses, but also wrapped around palm trees!

Those fake icicle lights seem to be everywhere, and those inflatable snowmen and reindeer show up everywhere. Many use that snow in a can for spraying on the windows to give a cool winter effect. Yes we buy Christmas trees, sold by the road from tree farmers up north. They cost a lot, and some put up a big tent to put the trees under so the hot sun does not dry them out.

I myself use the fake ones, seems more green to me than cutting down thousands of trees just for a week or two. Unfortunately we also have all the same holiday music blaring from the malls and radio stations. I’ve got a secret to combat that however, I’m 90% deaf! Yes sometimes a handicap comes in handy, lol.

Lets see, what else is the same around here as up north? We still shop and buy all those worthless things that make great gifts, yet nobody will ever use. We have no shortage of Christmas cards to pick from in the stores. The malls still have Santa’s all dressed up in the normal red suit and all that. Lucky for him, keeps him from being cold from that chilly A/C they blast inside the mall!

So Christmas in Orlando, Florida is a lot like the ones up north. We just don’t have the snow, cold and power outages. You can still see lizards and bugs out, and people are out on bikes and motorcycles, something you don’t normally think about at Christmas up north. Try it sometime, you just might like it!