Daytona 500 NASCAR race event 2012

How time flies! This weekend, Feb. 26th 2012 will once again be time for the Daytona 500 NASCAR races in Daytona beach! For those race car fans this is not news as they have been following it closely.

But for others that don’t follow it or are here on vacation they may be a little surprised at how packed the traffic is around Daytona beach this weekend. In fact even in Orlando it’s going to be a very busy weekend.

That’s because many race fans stay at hotels in Orlando and take in some of the theme parks while they are here. So just about everywhere in the Central Florida area it will be packed with people and traffic.

There is already events going on, like lots of special NASCAR tours, Miss sprint cup event, other races, qualifying laps plus many NASCAR fan booths selling all kinds of NASCAR products.

Each year at the Daytona 500 races hundreds of RV campers park on the big field in the back and side of the race track. It’s really quite something to see and afterward they collect hundreds of tons of trash left behind.

The Daytona 500 race starts at 1:00 PM Sunday, Feb. 26th. Parking is always a bit of a problem for those who get there late. Whatever you do, do NOT try to park in the surrounding stores parking lots.

If you do you WILL get towed for sure. Same goes for parking on the side of the road. So get there early and get a parking space in one of the 5 different lots available.

Traffic will be very slow and packed anywhere around the Daytona raceway and also on I-4 interstate. Once the races are over I-95 and I-4 interstates are going to be packed with traffic, so be warned.

Just give yourself plenty of time, relax and enjoy this years Daytona 500 NASCAR races! And for those of you not going, stay the heck away from Daytona beach and the interstates this weekend!! :)