Daytona Beach Bike Week 2010 pictures and video

Soon it will be bike week at Daytona Beach and you’ll see motorcycles all over the Orlando area. Bike week is from Feb. 26th to March 7th this year. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a giant gathering of Motorcycles from all over the world.

Not just your hardcore bikers, but families, weekend bikers, newbies and everyone in between. You can find full time bikers next to a doctor on his custom bike taking videos of his kids.

So there is something for everyone at bike week. Of course you can find wet Tshirt contest and coleslaw babe wrestling contest if you look for them. But the main events are clean and suitable for most people.

The video above is one I made of last years bike week. This year I hope to take much more videos and take in more events. There will be over 500,000 bikers this year if everything goes right.

Seeing that many bikers in one place is amazing and something you really should see. The noise can be a bit loud and it never ends. Think of when you see a big line of bikers go by on the road and you hear that noise till it fades away?

Well, at bike week it never fades away but stays there like a rumbling all day! On main street there will be hundreds of booths and shops selling everything from leather jackets and bike parts to food, LOTS of food,,, and beer too!

The custom paint jobs on many of the motorcycles is really something to see, some are just amazing and cost a lot! There will be custom bike makers there with very cool bikes.

Plus the Harley dealer shops will be having fun events. You can find a big one in Orlando and 3 more in the Daytona Beach area. Many stay in Orlando for bike week, then drive to Daytona each day. Here’s a tip for ya!

Everyone drives up I-4, the main highway. There is ALWAYS a wreak or two on there due to the bikers and heavy traffic. So instead, take the Bee Line, 528, to highway 95. Then go north till your in Daytona. You will avoid a lot of grief that way! 😉

So if your into bikes or just want to see something different, take in bike week in Daytona Beach. It’s an amazing event that is one of a kind. I’ll be posting videos of it on here after bike week. :)