Daytona Beach Bike Week 2011 events

Very soon it will be the Daytona Beach Bike Week 2011! Many people stay in Orlando and drive their bikes to Daytona each day to enjoy bike week. I go there each year and take pictures and videos.

The bike week video above is one I took last year. I hope to get a lot more pictures and videos of Bike Week 2011 this year. So just what is bike week, for those not into motorcycles?

Bike Week in Daytona Beach is ten full days of fun and excitement. This year’s event will run from March 4 through March 13. A crowd of half a million is expected to attend the 2011 event.

bike week pictures 2010

Daytona Bike Week 2011 includes bike shows, concerts, charity events, bike rodeos, and all kinds of crazy contests. Daytona Beach also has plenty of biker bars, saloons, clubs, and restaurants to keep everyone happy. And, of course, there’s always the beach!

Daytona Beach is beautiful, with a wide expanse of sand, along with crashing waves. Swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, and surf fishing are all popular pastimes. If the water’s a little chilly for you, no problem. There’s still plenty to do on the beach without getting wet. Join in a game of volleyball, cruise the strand, catch some rays, or just chill and soak up the atmosphere.

Bike Week hosts a vast array of zany competitions that are a riot for the competitors and the audience. Some of these include Best Buns contests, Best Chaps contests, Bikini contests, the Hottest Bike Contest, the Male Pole-Dancing Contest, cleavage contests, the Male Hard Body Contest, dance contests, and the German Stein Holding Contest.

Visitors will also have the chance to enter or watch Pin-Up contests, tattoo contests, and wet t-shirt contests. Too tame for you? How about some Coleslaw Wrestling? You can probably imagine the uproarious fun inherent in some of these friendly competitions.

During Bike Week, Daytona Beach will be inundated with bikes of every shape, style, and size. You’ll see bikes everywhere, including the ones in some official shows. Bike shows include stunt bikes, American bikes, British bikes, European bikes, old choppers, shovelhead bikes, and trikes. After watching the shows, get your bike detailed and have it washed by a bikini-clad beauty.

Guests at Bike Week will also have the chance to participate in some great swap meets and a number of races. And don’t forget about the stunning performances of artists and musicians. 2011 Bike Week will include performances by Molly Hatchet, Joe Santana, Pappa Wheelee, Big Engine, Highway to Hell, and more.

In your spare time, you can get a tattoo or a piercing at one of the local parlors, browse a bike shop, visit a strip club, and peruse the cool merchandise of the numerous vendors.

Bike Week isn’t just for traditional “bikers.” You might be surprised at how many doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals attend the event every year. Some use Bike Week as a great role-playing opportunity to experience a different persona temporarily and to really “let their hair down.”

bike week pictures 2010

Such people often trade their dresses and suits for leather chaps, bandanas, boots, and other biker apparel. Some even get temporary tattoos to fit in better.

Daytona Bike Week is like a biker party on steroids, and some of the events and venues are wild and wooly – not places to take kids. On the other hand, if you stick to Main Street and Beach Street during the day, the action there is tame and will be fine for kids.

For a full list of all the Daytona Beach Bike Week 2011 events and shows, go to Daytona Bike Week Events and the Official Bike Week site.

So if your in Orlando during March 4th to 13th, take a ride up to Daytona Beach and take in Bike Week 2011. It’s amazing to see and hear so many motorcycles all in one place!:)