Daytona Beach bike week 2012!

Daytona beach bike week 2012

Well once again it will soon be time for the Daytona Beach Bike Week for 2012! This year it runs from March 9th to the 18th 2012. That’s about a week later than normal.

There is nothing like the sight and sound of over 150,000 motorcycles all going in one place! This year there may be even more than that, it’s always hard to say.

The weather should be pretty good this year as it has been warmer than normal here in Florida. So just what types of people go to bike week? Surprising most of them are family types with kids and pets with them.

To be sure there are lots of real biker dudes here, and most of the events center around drinking and girls in cutoff shorts doing wet t shirt contest. So it’s not exactly Disney friendly!

But a lot of folks are the weekend biker types riding on $50,000 custom made e.bikes. Doctors, lawyers and other normal guys can be found here having a good time.

I go each year and take a lot of pictures and videos. You can see my bike week pictures gallery 2011 here on my leather apparel site I also run besides this one. :)

The Orlando area gets pretty full of bikers as many stay in Orlando and drive their bikes up to Daytona each day, it’s only around 60 miles away. So expect everything to be a bit full that week, including the theme parks.

If your in the area you should take a drive up to Daytona and check it out. Just be very careful driving with all the bikers and expect long delays on the road. I’ll be there! 😀