Daytona Beach Biketoberfest 2010 events

Biketoberfest 2010 at Daytona Beach

So many things are going on around the Orlando area right now! One of them is Biketoberfest 2010 at Daytona Beach and the central Florida area. Think of it as a smaller version of bike week.

But not much smaller. It’s getting bigger and bigger each year, as thousands of bikers ride their motorcycles into Daytona Beach and even the Orlando area for a good time and lots of beer!

This year Biketoberfest 2010 is from October 14th to the 17th. The main biker events are in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area. But many stay in the Orlando area and ride up to Daytona each day.

They also end up taking in the theme parks and doing a lot of other things. So they really spend a lot of money in the Orlando area, which is what the town loves of course!

The biggest Biketoberfest 2010 events is right on Main street in Daytona Beach. This is the heart of the activities, as bikers ride their motorcycles up and down main street.

You can find dozens of vendors all along the street, selling leather jackets, biker boots, helmets, motorcycle gear and lots more. There also seems to be a lot of food vendors serving up BBQ pork and beef, with plenty of beer to wash it all down!

You can see many colorful people at Biketoberfest 2010, like sexy biker babes in tiny skirts, guys wearing Viking helmets, vendor babes in cutoff shorts and so on. It’s a bit of a mature crowd, yet safe and fun.

Then of course you have your required wet t shirt contest going on all over. Dirty Harry’s on main street is a good place for that. Froggy’s saloon and Boothill saloon are popular party bars on main street.

Over on the beach side Biketoberfest 2010 events will have a classic bike show by the boardwalk October 15th. Good place to see some really nice custom bikes and old fashioned ones too.

Then there is always a lot of vendors and things going on over at the Daytona Beach speedway. You can see all the custom bikes, motorcycle gear and the many vendors selling everything in front of the race track right off the main road.

So if your in the area on October 14th to 17th, check out Biketoberfest 2010 in Daytona Beach. For full Biketoberfest 2010 events and activities, check out the official Biketoberfest website. Have fun and watch out for those bikers!