Daytona beach spring break 2011 events

Daytona beach spring break 2011

Ready to throw down with a great spring break experience? Try Daytona Beach spring break 2011, where you’ll find 23 miles of wide, sandy beaches and glorious weather – the high temperatures in March average 75 degrees.

Daytona beach is one of the very few beaches left where you can drive right on the beach. Just stay in the travel road part or you’ll be stuck in deep sand fast!

There are also plenty of clubs that provide awesome partying and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. During the day, you can enjoy some thrilling water sports like jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, and deep sea fishing.

Hop in your car and cruise the beach, rent a motorbike, or just lie in the sun and work on your tan. Daytona also offers miniature golf, water parks, skydiving, go-carts, arcades, museums, cinemas, batting cages, and all the fun of the Boardwalk Amusement Area. The entertainment is non-stop!

There are also plenty of hot bars to check out, with wet T-shirt contest going on all over the place. Babe watching is a popular past time at Daytona beach spring break!

If you’re planning to spend several days in Daytona for spring break, you might want to consider a day trip. Within just an hour’s drive, you can be at the Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, or all that Orlando has to offer, including Disney World.

Daytona Beach has hundreds of hotel rooms and condos, and many welcome students during spring break. In fact, you’ll find some amazing deals on lodging, and some places rent only to students during spring break.

That means no “old fogeys” messing up your revelry. Share a room or condo with a pal or two, and you’ll find that you can enjoy a great beach vacation for a very low price. For example, how does $45 per night for two people sound?

If my math is correct, that’s only $22.50 each, so you might be able to afford to stay an entire week! Even if you do, you probably won’t find the time to enjoy everything that Daytona Beach has to offer, but hey, you can give it the ol’ college try!

For a full calendar of Daytona Beach spring break events, check out the official spring break website and see all the fun things going on this year for 2011.

So check out Daytona beach spring break 2011 for a good time that is easy on the wallet. You might even see me there taking pictures of the babes; hey it’s part of my job! 😀