Discovery Cove Grand Reef at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove set to open in June 2011

SeaWorld's Discovery Cove reef to open in June 2011

If your a fan of SeaWorld in Orlando, then I’m sure you know all about SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove. That’s the place next to the main park where you can swim with dolphins and get personal attention.

Well soon there will be a new section to Discovery Cove called Discovery Cove Grand Reef! It’s a big one million gallon salt water reef where guest will be able to swim and walk around with sharks, rays and many other saltwater marine life and fish.

Discovery Cove Grand Reef will have around 125 different kinds of fish and reef species, with sharks and rays as well as coral, urchins and all the other reef life you normally would expect.

This cool artificial saltwater reef will be about 2.5 acres big and is on time to open in early June, 2011. That’s this year, so if your planning on going to Discovery Cove at or past that date you may be able to experience it.

From what I understand there will be several different reef experiences you can choose from. One of the featured ones is an underwater walking tour called “SeaVenture”.

In this guest will wear cool looking dive helmets and follow a trail through the reef that will past through schools of colorful saltwater tropical fish and other exotic reef life.

The SeaVenture tour at Discovery Cove Grand Reef will be for guest 10 years or older and no more than 6 people at a time. Cost right now is set at $59.00 per person on top of the normal admission.

Another section of the reef that will be off limits to actually going in the water will be filled with 50 or more venomous lion fish, I don’t think you want to go swimming with them!

The old reef they already had will be closed and converted into a freshwater reef later in 2012. So look for the new Grand Reef at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove in June this year!