Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride review

Disney's tower of terror ride review

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. This is a thrilling ride that will make your tummy drop to your toes as you experience the terror of the crazy freight elevator in the old Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The hotel’s design is based on the actual Hollywood Tower that was built in 1929 in the heart of the entertainment industry. According to legend, famous movie stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age often frequented the classy hotel, and some lived in its apartments.

On the witching night of October 31, 1939, there was a violent storm. Thunder and lightning filled the air, and the elevator was struck by a lightning bolt. The people on the elevator at the time disappeared into thin air, along with a whole wing of the building.

Where did they go? Many believe the unlucky celebrities are now in the twilight zone. Are you brave enough to chance the same fate?

The hotel has an authentic feel, including the scorch marks on the building left by the lightning strike. Disney employees get in on the act, too – they’re all dressed as hotel bellhops. The Hollywood Tower is right at 200 feet tall, making it the second-tallest attraction at Walt Disney World.

The queue line of Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride winds around the outside of the hotel through old, untended gardens and neglected water fountains.

Once inside you go through the lobby, full of cobwebs and dust. You then make your way into a large room, where your shown a video of what happened to the unlucky guest and gets you a bit worked up.

Then you make your way through the basement, past the boiler room and lots of cool props like your really in an old hotel basement. Finally you get to the service elevator, there are two actually.

Once you board the elevator, it take you up, then forward as it goes through the hotel corridors. You will see some spooky scenes that I don’t want to give away. Then it stops and starts going back up.

You’ll go up and down erratically, sometimes plunging several stories before stopping. You never know what’s going to happen next, and even if you’ve ridden the Tower of Terror before, you’ll most likely have a different experience each time.

To ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, guests must be at least forty inches tall. It’s a blast for older kids, teenagers, and adults. Pregnant women shouldn’t ride this, nor should anyone with back problems, neck problems, heart conditions, or hypertension.

So that’s my review of Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride. It’s lots of fun and it never seems to be the same twice. Make sure you take a ride on it the next time your at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park! 😀