Disney and Orlando theme park summer tips and tricks

Theme park tips for summer time

It’s the middle of the summer season here in Orlando, Florida. Summer is the busiest time of the year for Walt Disney world, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Heck for everything down here.

So I thought I’d give you some tips and tricks you can use if your visiting the theme parks this summer in Orlando. It’s the hottest time of the year with temperatures in the 90’s each and every day.

Because of that make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen. Even cloudy days will give you a sunburn that will surprise you. Put it on your face, arms and shoulders if nothing else.

Now here in Florida we have a unique weather system that happens every day in the summer. In the morning it will be very clear and sunny. Then around 2 to 4 in the afternoon it will suddenly cloud up and rain with a severe downpour with thunder!

But, only an hour or so later it will stop, the sun comes out and everything dries back up like nothing happened. So, plan on doing something inside during the middle to later part of the afternoon.

But remember that it will clear up and be nice soon after, unlike most places. So you can go out and enjoy the rides and parks after the rain has passed. Take in an inside show or go hit a restaurant while it’s raining out.

Summer at Disney also means the most crowds of the year. It will be full and lines for rides will be long. It’s no fun standing in the hot sun for two hours for a ride, trust me.

So spend a bit more and get the fast pass ride tickets or whatever they may be called depending on what theme park your in. They are well worth it in the summer months.

Your kids are going to be thirsty all day, so be sure to have some money for lots of drinks or bottled water. Try to wear light colored clothing; dark colors absorb the sun’s heat more.

Flip flops get hot, trip you up on rides and even get lost on thrill rides. Instead wear thick padded sneakers and bring several changes of socks. However flip flops are great to wear on water rides, then change back to your sneakers after you get off.

Walt Disney World has the best shows, parades and fireworks during the busy summer months. So try to catch them if you like them, as some you can’t see during the fall and winter seasons.

That’s my Disney and theme park summer tips and tricks article for today! Just remember it will be hot, thunderstorms in the afternoon and very crowded. So plan ahead and have fun!