Disney Christmas Electrical Parade Youtube video 2012

I took a lot of pictures and videos during the holidays at Disney. Frankly it’s very crowded during those times and I’d rather not be there. But it’s the only time you can get pictures and videos of the cool holiday decorations.

Above is a video I made of Disney’s Electrical Parade at the magic kingdom. It was during this years Christmas holiday. I don’t think it really changes that much from any time of the year.

I took this video right at the start of the parade as they come out of the back area in the front of the park. In hindsight it would have looked better if I had taken it in a different location.

I’ll do that next time! Anyways if you’ve never seen Disney’s Electrical parade at the Magic Kingdom, this gives you a good idea what to expect. It looks much better in person, a video really can’t do it Justice. Enjoy! :)