Disney Fantasyland new Be Our Guest Restaurant


Located in the Beast’s Castle inside the new Disney fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Guests have the opportunity to step into a time machine and visit the famous ballroom setting from the animated film “Beauty and the Beast.”

This fabulous venue has three dining rooms that can accommodate 550 guests. Its name is inspired by the classic song from that film. Both the dinner table service and counter service menus offer French cuisine.

This uniquely designed restaurant opened on December 7, 2012. To get here, you must cross a stone bridge lined with gargoyles. Once you get inside, you will be greeted by enchanted suits of armor.

The venue features colorful wallpaper and lush upholstery, soft woof finishes, stained glass windows, giant chandeliers, and beamed ceilings. The decor is incredible.

Be Our Guest Restaurant boasts a unique ordering system. There is a technology-filled rose at the entrance. Guests must tap this rose before ordering their meals from a touchscreen. These innovative touchscreen terminals allow you to customize your order so that the chefs can prepare delicious meals that suit your taste.

For dinner, you can enter directly into the majestic ballroom. Those who want to have lunch can place their orders at one of the five guest-activated terminals into the Beast’s Parlor. This room is home to the Beast’s enormous chair. There is also a large fireplace on one side.

The counter-service menu includes grilled steak sandwiches, vegetable quiche, chive salad, whole-grain macaroni, French onion soup, and braised pork. The dinner menu features a wide range of appetizers, cured meats, seafood dishes, and mouthwatering desserts. If you want to have a drink, you may order a natural fruit punch, lemonade, coffee, tea, or wine.

There is also a special menu for children, which includes triple chocolate cupcakes, grilled steak, meatloaf, and low fat milk. No reservations are required for lunch. With its unique decorations and world class menu, Be Our Guest restaurant is definitely a highlight of the New Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!