Disney Figurines, The Lion King Figurines

Below you can find great Lion King figurines from Disney. They are a bit hard to find so I only have a few. You can find almost all the characters of the Lion King movie.

Like Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Mufasa and more. Some are high quality swarovski crystal figurines that look beautiful. Clicking any of them below will take you right to that item in the Amazon store. For fast shipping and trusted shopping you can’t beat Amazon!

Disney Lion King Simba figurine

Disney Lion King Timon figurine

Disney Lion King Pumbaa figurine

Disney swarovski crystal Mufasa Lion King figurine

Disney harmony kingdom The Lion King pride rock figurine

Disney circle of life collectible Lion King figurine

Disney’s The Lion King figurines appeal to both girls and boys alike, as well as adult collectors. Many try to get one of each character from The Lion King for a full collectors set. They make wonderful gifts too!

Disney Swarovski Crystal Timon Lion King figurine

Disney Nao my little king figurine

The Lion King Scar figurine

Swarovski Crystal Pumbaa The Lion King Figurine
Pumbaa figurine

I will keep looking for new figurines of The Lion King and add them when I find them, or when new ones come out. If you can’t find what your looking for, just click any here and browse hundreds of other Disney figurines inside Amazon.

They even have a full Disney store there with everything you could want that is Disney. These figurines make great gifts for kids and adults alike, so check them all out today!