Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell and other Disney Figurines

Welcome to the Disney figurine page, where you can find all your favorite Disney figurine characters. Many Disney fans love to collect Disney items, and nothing looks better or is more collectible than a figurine.

Most of these are all finely detailed and hand painted, made by quality artist and names like Giuseppe Armani, Disney Traditions, Lenox, Precious moments and more.

Some of these Disney figurines are musical, while others light up. Yet others double as a jewelry box or treasure chest.

I put each major Disney character in his or her own page. The two below are Snow White figurines and Belle from Beauty and the Beast figurines.

Disney Snow White Figurines

Disney Beauty and the Beast Figurines

The next two are Disney Cinderella figurines and Sleeping Beauty figurines. Click the pictures to go to the page you want. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty figurines are very popular.

Disney’s Cinderella Figurines

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Figurines

Next we have Disney’s little mermaid Ariel figurines and Aladdin’s princess Jasmine figurines. You can also find the other characters in each movie inside these pages. Little girls just love the Ariel figurines.

Disney’s Little Mermaid Ariel Figurines

Disney’s Aladdin, Princess Jasmine figurines

Of course we have to have Disney Mickey Mouse figurines, and then there is the Disney Tinkerbell figurines. You can find many different types of Mickey Mouse figurines.

Disney Mickey Mouse Figurines

Disney Tinkerbell Figurines

Finally we have some nice Disney Lion King figurines, and then a page of Disney Peter Pan figurines, with Captain Hook, Wendy and all the others!

The Lion King Figurines

Disney Peter Pan Figurines

Disney figurines are beautiful and make one of the best Disney collectible items. They actually increase in value and in time can be worth a lot of money. Some are made in limited editions and are numbered.

Little girls love the Disney princess figurines. Little boys love the Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan figurines. Grownups love all the Disney figurines and often start a large collection of them.

Disney figurines also make a perfect gift for anyone who loves Disney. So check them out and buy one for that Disney fan, or get one for yourself to add to your Disney figurine collection! :)