Disney Snow Globes, Mickey Mouse Snow Globes

Below are all the beautiful Mickey Mouse snow globes you can find here. Some are musical, some are jewelry boxes and more. A few feature both Mickey and Minnie together.

Clicking an item will take you right to that product on the Amazon site, where all these are sold. They have many more Disney snow globes to choose from, plus thousands of other Disney products.

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Mickey Mouse snow globe through the years
mickey mouse snow globe

Mickey Mouse jewelry box
Jewelry box

Mickey and Minnie water ball
mickey and minnie

Mickey and Minnie on a plane snow globe
mickey and minnie on a plane

Disney snow globes are very beautiful and add beauty to any room. Kids of all ages love them, especially when they have their favorite Disney characters in them.

Girls love the Mickey Mouse snow globes that double as a jewelry box. The Christmas themed ones are great for displaying each year during the holidays. Musical snow globes are also very popular.

Christmas themed Mickey and Minnie snow globe
Christmas mickey and minnie

Golfing Mickey Mouse with Pluto
Golfing Mickey

Musical Mickey and Minnie snow globe
musical snow globe

Mickey jewelry box snow globe
jewelry box

Cute Mickey Mouse snow globe
cute mickey mouse

Beautiful Mickey Mouse snow globe
Mickey snow globe

Three Musketeers Mickey snow globe
three musketeers

Mickey and Minnie wedding snow globe
wedding snow globe

Don’t see the Mickey Mouse snow globe your looking for? Click on any item and search on the Amazon site. They carry many more Disney snow globes than I can list here.

I will add the latest Disney snow globes on here as new ones become available, so check back for the newest items from Disney, or search Amazon for the most recently added Mickey Mouse snow globes.