Disney, Universal raise ticket prices again

Theme park tickets rasied again

One thing that I should include in my annual events section but don’t is the annual theme park ticket price raises. Just a day or two ago Universal Studios for the first time raised their ticket prices before Disney.

Normally they follow Disney once they raise ticket prices. Does that mean they are now equal to them, or as bad? Anyways yes, both Disney and Universal Studios have raised their base price ticket cost plus a few other types of tickets.

The cost now of an adult one-day, one-park ticket to one of the two Universal Studios parks is now $88.00. A few of the other types of tickets also jumped a bit at Universal.

The price of a one day, two park access ticket is now $123.00. A two day, two park ticket is now $159.99 and the four day, two park ticket is now $179.99. Online Florida resident tickets have NOT been raised.

To compare, Disney’s adult one day, one park ticket is now $89.00, one buck more than Universal. Disney’s four day pass is now $256.00, five day pass is $268.00 and the seven day pass is $288.00.

Interestingly they made the biggest increase in the Florida resident annual passes while Universal did not. A seasonal annual pass is now $299.00.

It’s not really news, they raise ticket prices every year. I’m sure in a day or two SeaWorld will announce their own ticket price increases. It’s hard to compare them because each park has different attractions.

So it really comes down to what you want to see and do. Disney IMO is still best for little kids, while teens will enjoy Universal more. Animal lovers will want to enjoy SeaWorld, although Disney does have Animal Kingdom.

At least they should not raise prices again until next year, but rest assured that WILL happen! So hit the theme parks now as they will never get any cheaper! :)