Disney World’s Splash Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom review

Disney's splash mountain ride review

It’s time for another Disney ride review! This time it’s a review of Disney’s Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain is a popular ride that’s located in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Frontierland. The attraction is based on the characters of Uncle Remus from the Disney movie Song of the South.

The Uncle Remus stories were created by Joel Chandler Harris, a Georgia native, and the scenery of the ride resembles the Georgia countryside. This includes the muddy river, the red clay, and the swampy area.

Guests sit in a replica of a hollow log to experience the attraction. Each log holds four people, in four rows of two seats each. The ride begins slow and easy, with Br’er Frog serving as narrator. As the log floats slowly along the “Georgia river,” the homes of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear can be seen.

After the log slides down Slippin’ Falls, it enters inside the mountain itself. Guests are entertained by a number of singing critters, and the story of Br’er Rabbit unfolds.

You pass a dozen or so scenes that duplicate Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear capturing and trying to eat poor Br’er Rabbit. But don’t worry, the story ends well as Br’er Rabbit gets away.

The scenes inside the Disney Splash Mountain ride use full size auto-electronic figures of the characters as they move, giving it a nice touch. The scenes are funny and colorful with cool water displays inside the mountain.

The log continues along the river, passing through a dark tunnel and a cave before making a steep climb. At the top, the log plunges 52 feet and reaches a speed of 40 m.p.h. During the drop, your picture will be taken, and once you exit the ride, you’ll have the chance to purchase the photograph.

During the Splash Mountain ride, watch for hidden Mickeys. These can be seen in the fishing bobbers near the picnic basket, in a cloud near the end of the ride, in barrels on the second hill, in the dancing water room, and in other locations along the way.

This ride is for guests over forty inches tall. If you sit in the front row of the log, you’ll get drenched. Even if you sit in the rear, you’ll probably get at least a little wet. Disney’s Splash Mountain should be avoided by pregnant women and guests with heart conditions, back problems, neck problems, and high blood pressure.

It’s a great, fun ride for all ages and the whole family. You do get a bit wet on the falls so don’t bring your camera. That’s my Splash Mountain ride review, hope it helped!