Disney’s Animal Kingdom wild Africa trek tour

Disney's wild Africa trek tour

Many don’t know it, but you can go on a lot of special tours at all the Disney theme parks. One of the newest is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, called the wild Africa trek tour.

This Disney adventure is aptly named – you’ll swear you’re in Africa, and it’s definitely wild! Wild Africa Trek is a three-hour private tour through areas of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Pangani Forest and Harambe Wildlife Preserve that are normally restricted to the public.

Your adventure begins in Harambe Village. Guests are strapped into a harness, much like one used for ziplining. Your two safari guides will communicate with you through a set of earphones.

You won’t be allowed to carry anything in your hands, so be sure to bring along a camera with a strap. You can leave your purse and other items in the lockers at the beginning of the trail.

Along the way, you’ll see huge hippos from a cliff’s edge, where you’ll be only feet away from the massive jaws. You’ll also cross an old rope bridge high above a river teeming with large, ferocious crocodiles. Don’t worry – your harness and support line will keep you safe!

Your adventure will also include a special safari through the African savanna in an open-air safari vehicle, where you’ll see giraffes, gorillas, elephants, gazelles, and rhinoceroses. You’ll enjoy a break at a camp, complete with an ethnic meal served safari style – in metal containers, making it seem very authentic.

Disney’s Wild Africa Trek tour at the Animal Kingdom theme park is a new feature at Disney and is not included in the park admission price. The adventure is $129 per person now, but prices are expected to go up.

Only twelve visitors at the time are allowed on the tour, and participants must be at least eight years old. Call ahead for reservations. This is an amazing adventure that’s sure to thrill and inspire!

Wild Africa Trek
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