Disney’s Festival of the Masters 2010 pictures gallery

Disney festival of the masters pictures 2010

Time for Disney’s festival of the masters pictures 2010! I checked out the Disney festival of the Masters and got lots of pictures below to show you! It was a little different this year. Last year most of the art booths were around the Disney marketplace area.

At least I think so. This year however all the booths at the Disney festival of the Masters were located at the West side, a short walk from the marketplace over where The House of Blues is.

There did not seem to be as many as last year, and they were very spread out all over the place. Some were even behind the House of Blues building like they were hiding them.

However all the artist were very good, with amazing paintings, craftsmanship, glass work, sculptures and everything in-between. It was a treat to see so many different works of art all in one place.

Then over at the Disney Marketplace area they had dozens of people making very cool sidewalk chalk art drawings. They were very good, it’s amazing how real they can look like.

I was surprised at how many artist did NOT want people to take a picture of their work. I would think they wanted all the exposure they could get, which includes pictures.

However someone explained to me that some people take pictures of the artwork, then sell the images online. I never thought of that. Or, people share these pictures but never give credit to the artist.

So, some of the local artist that made the artwork in these pictures I’m going to make an article about, with a link back to their own website. As for the others, if you see your work here, leave a comment and put in a link to your site or wherever you want. Sound fair?

Below is a nice Disney’s Festival of the Masters 2010 pictures gallery. To use this picture gallery of the festival of the masters, click on the first picture and the picture show will start.

Click the arrow in the right bottom corner to go to the next picture. Click inside the picture at any time to exit the picture gallery. Hope you enjoy these pictures from Disney’s festival of the masters 2010!


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