Disney’s new Splitsville bowling lanes at downtown Disney

Disney's Splitsville bowling at Downtown Disney

Disney’s new Splitsville, the retro-themed bowling center, has opened its doors to the public. This upscale bowling, dining, and entertainment venue features 30 bowling lanes, live music, amble seating, pool tables, and several bars where guests can enjoy their favorite foods and drinks.

This brand new entertainment center is a welcome addition to Downtown Disney’s WestSide. Discover 50,000 square feet of retro interior with fabulous food, dancing, outdoor patio dining, two sushi bars, and over 60 flat screen TVs.

This retro-style bowling center is designed to give families a sense of their own private space. Splitsville combines bowling with billiards, music, dining, and nightlife. The onsite restaurant features a menu created by one of Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2008.

Highlights include slow-cooked pulled pork with slaw and fries, fish and chips, tuna salad, short ribs and ground beef, mini-roast turkey club sandwiches, sushi rolls, wines, and signature cocktails. Guests can taste a little bit of everything. Most foods on the menu are perfect for sharing. Kids’ menus are available too.

When you enter Splitsville, your bowling and party shoes are escorted from the check-in counter to the assigned lane by a concierge. Each lane has a long bench and tables.

The decor looks like a vintage poster from the ’50s. The bowling alley is designed to encourage guests to connect in person without the interruptions of cell phones. There are also lane concierges available every night to help guests relax and enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Featuring a non-traditional bowling setting and live entertainment, Splitsville is the epitome of fun for the whole family. Guests can even purchase clothes and shoes with Splitsville’s signature bowling print. At this time, you can not make reservations in advance. If you want to spend a night out at Splitsville, go there and request a table.