Disney’s Pleasure Island makeover stalled again

Downtown Disney pleasure island makeover stalled

For many locals here in Orlando, Disney’s Pleasure Island used to be a great place to go for late night adult entertainment. They had several cool nightclubs to go to and good restaurants.

Mannequins nightclub (not sure if I spelled that right) was very cool with live dancers, two floors and a revolving dance floor. When I worked 3rd shift at Disney I use to go there before my shift and hang out a lot.

Disney closed Pleasure Island a few years ago, the reason they gave was that is was not making enough and it did not fit their family friendly theme. Actually they closed the clubs; you can still walk through the area and a few small shops are still open.

They have been working on what to replace it with ever since. Now they have said that “Hyperion Wharf”, the new theme they were working on for it, has been delayed as they re-think the plans.

That basically means they decided not to go with it and have changed their minds. Nobody seems to have any idea what they will finally decide to build there now.

It’s a shame it’s taken so long as it splits the downtown Disney west side shops and the east side Disney stores shops in two. I think it should be something that keeps the flow going between the two sides.

So anyway don’t expect anything new to be built at the former Pleasure Island complex anytime soon. My bet is that whenever they do decide on a theme for it and build it, it will not be done for several more years.