Disney’s Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot review

Walt Disney World Spaceship earth ride at Epcot

The most eye catching sight at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park is the Spaceship Earth ride. This huge round ball is made with 11,324 individual triangles that form the outside!

Inside this big round ball is the Spaceship Earth ride. Here’s my Epcot’s Spaceship Earth ride review so you can find out what it’s about and if you think you want to go on it. :)

Scenes of scientific achievements add a dramatic new twist to the story of humanity from the beginning of time to the electronic age within Spaceship Earth, the story of communications throughout the ages.

This ride is a perfect Disney classic with an excellent story, good theming and it is timeless. The show’s new technology and score along with updated show scenes are spectacular in every respect.

Spaceship Earth weighs 16 million pounds and is 18 stories high! This huge silver sphere represents the icon emblem for Walt Disney World’s EPCOT.

The Spaceship Earth ride lasts 13 minutes and takes you on a journey through time from the prehistoric age to the present day. The Spaceship Earth ride transports you past different scenarios that explore human evolution and the never ending search for superior forms of communication.

The quality of the ride is a good example of Disney’s applied talents at their best. The moment when the ride starts descending and you see the stars and Earth is truly impressive.

The voice of Academy Award-winning, English actress Dame Judy Dench guides you through this unique ride. As always, Disney has outdone itself in the creation of animatronic characters.

This ride will catch your attention as soon as you enter Epcot. In fact, it’s impossible to miss this place. It is for people of all ages and for this reason, it will live on forever. This is, technically, one of the greatest attractions in all of Epcot, so make sure you give it a try.

Anyone can go on this ride, there is no height requirements. It’s a slow moving ride with lots of visual scenes to see. Sort of a moving story of how the world has progressed.

Make sure you go on it later in the day. It is packed in the morning as everyone wants to ride it as soon as they get into the park. But make sure you take time to ride Spaceship Earth at Disney’s Epcot! Hope you enjoyed this Spaceship Earth ride review. :)