Downtown Orlando nightclub, Independent Bar

Independent Bar night club in Orlando

I don’t talk about the great Orlando area nightclubs and bars too much here, so I thought I’d start mentioning some of the best ones, or at least the most popular ones. Today I want to tell you about Independent bar.

Are you searching for the best place to have fun? Then you must go to the Independent Bar! This tri-leveled nightclub is a favorite among the young Orlando crowd. The music is great and totally keeps you pumped. They have the coolest bartenders, drink specials, and most importantly- the best music in town.

There is something for everyone at the Independent Bar- from angels hanging from the ceiling and to videos playing on the numerous TV monitors. Huge video screens, friendly staff, and a stylish crowd are in the main room. If you’re still able to walk, you can go upstairs.

Independent Bar’s eclectic mix of music is refreshing. They play everything from underground electro, dirty electro, gritty pop mixed with some Morrissey. This club continues to lead the pack for the musically hip! Even if you don’t dance, you are still going to have a great time because the booths are perfect and the crowd is wonderful.

Another great thing about this place is that the bars are never so crowded that you can’t get your voice heard. It’s less of a place to go simply to party and more of a place you might go to dance, make friends, and listen to some good music.

Each night the diverse crowd brings with it even more diverse dance moves. The dance floor is always a thrill and normally allows enough room to move around. The drinks are inexpensive and beer specials are always on the menu. As you see, the Independent Bar seems to be really cool, so make sure you give it a try!

Independent Bar
70 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Fl.
(407) 839-0457